Cameroon Country Representative's Weekly Report: 11 - 17 July 2022 | Steemit Training on how to curate all posts on your blog

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@thegreens’ weekly report | 11 - 17 July 2022

The 20th of June marked my fifth anniversary on Steemit and I celebrated the anniversary week with a series of power-ups and pledges to grow steemit in my community.
I pledged my unwavering support to Steemians across the globe and to double my efforts in recruiting, rewarding and retaining more Steemians by doing the following

  1. Organizing at least one Steemit awareness-raising and recruitment campaign per month.
  2. Organizing monthly Steemit capacity-building training and developing Steemit Courses.
  3. Organizing two weekly contests for Cameroonian Steemians.
  4. Powering up my account 25K SP by December 2022
  5. Publishing at least 20 posts per week, commenting on at least 70 posts per week, and upvoting (50 - 100% upvotes) as many quality posts as possible per week.

In response to my anniversary pledge, I published a calendar of my Steemit trainings for the month of July:

Monday 4th JulyHow to curate all posts in your community with high curation percentages
Monday 181th JulyHow to spend less time, post quality posts and earn more rewards on Steemit
Monday 25th JulySteemit Weekly Planner
Saturday 30th JulySteemit 101 (Training for my New Recruits of the Month)

Except for the training on Monday 6th July 2022, the other dates are tentative and subject to change depending on Steemians' demand.

My goal for the month of July is to nurture a new generation of Steemians who will spend less time on Steemit but post very high-quality posts, curate with high percentages, comment, and support other steemians, and earn very juicy rewards. I also look forward to recruiting some newbies to Steemit this July via my Steemit 101 Training.

On the 4th of July 2022, I organized my first discord training on How to curate all posts in your community at over 50% while ensuring your voting mana doesn't get below 75%.
After the training, I published a detailed post with step-by-step instructions on how to curate all posts in your community at over 50% while ensuring your voting mana doesn't get below 75% as you can read here:

My second training on How to spend less time, post quality posts, and earn more rewards on Steemit for Monday 18th July was announced as you can read here:

The Greens Power-ups

@thegreens launched the 50 Power-ups Challenge with his goal being to power up at least 50 times before the end of the year as you can read here:
During the week, @thegreens powered -up to Day 19 of the Power Up Challenge and powered up to 1800 Steem as you can read in the posts below;

These power-ups takes my total number of power-ups to 18 ever since I launched the 50 Power-ups Challenge as you can read below;

The 50 Power-ups Challenge DayAmount of Steem Powered-up
Day 1220 Steem
Day 282 Steem
Day 3100 Steem
Day 4128 Steem
Day 5148 Steem
Day 6100 Steem
Day 7110 Steem
Day 8130 Steem
Day 9130 Steem
Day 1050 Steem
Day 1145 Steem
Day 1280 Steem
Day 1330 Steem
Day 14100 Steem
Day 1575 Steem
Day 16160 Steemit
Day 1770 Steem
Day 1845 Steem
Day 1925 Steem

Steem Cameroon

1. Steem Cameroon Curation/Blogs Review:

A common curation comment template has been developed and used by all admins for commenting and reviewing Steemians' blogs and all posts in the community channel should be reviewed and commented upon as soon as they are published in the community blog. The blogs review and curation roster were maintained for the community with each admin curating and reviewing blogs, once a week as you can see below:

DayCR/MODCR/MOD Curating Accounts@booming recommendations
Monday@thegreens@thegreens and @steem-cameroon05
Tuesday@wase1234@wase1234 and @steem-cameroon05
Wednesday@saxopedia@saxopedia and @steem-cameroon05
Thursday@majerius@majerius and @steem-cameroon05
Friday@majerius@majerius and @steem-cameroon05
Saturday@b-naj@b-naj and @steem-cameroon05
Sunday@fombae@fombae and @steem-cameroon05

Commenting should henceforth be done using the curator's personal account and the template instead of using the community account as was the case before.

Blogs Review, Curation, and Booming Report

Curated over 150 posts during the week with my account (@thegreens) to earn a CSI Score of 10.2 All posts in the community were curated by @steem-cameroon during the week by all the admins and the following Steemians were recommended for booming upvotes during the week.

DaysRecommended ByAuthors
Wednesday@saxopediaPosts not submitted coz of the new booming cycle
Thursday@majeriusPosts not submitted coz of the new booming cycle
Saturday@saxopediaPosts not submitted coz of the new booming cycle
Sunday@fombaePosts not submitted coz of the new booming cycle
2. Steem Cameroon Contests

It was resolved that 05 contests be run in the community with a weekly budget of 50 Steem. The following persons were assigned to manage contests in the community;

@saxopediaBest Day of the Week Contest
@fombaeRecord my Status Contest and Steem Cameroon International Day Awareness Contest
@b-naj and @wase1234Creative Writing Contest
@majeriusSteem Cameroon Poetry Contest

NB: You can click on any of the contests to participate in the most recent edition of the contest.

3. Posting to the Steem Cameroon blog

It was resolved that at least 10 posts are published on the community blog every week and that Posting on the community blog will generate points that will be rewarded with TRX on a weekly basis. The following admins are responsible for the following blog content

AdminBlog Content
@saxopediaBest Day of the Week Contest
@fombaeRecord my Status Contest, Steem Cameroon Member's Activity Report, and International Days Awareness Contest
@b-naj and @wase1234Creative Writing Contest and CSI Score Review, Booming, and Blogs Review Report
@majeriusSteem Cameroon Poetry Contest and Community account Power-Ups
@thegreensCameroon Steemit Njangi and Delegations Review and Rewards Report
@chantEnd Plagiarism Team weekly report
4. Njangi break

The Cameroon Steemit Njangi has been restarted and members are called upon to begin playing their shares as you can read here:

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