Weekly Curation Report By The Efficient Seven | Week #4

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This is the 4th report of the ART Theme managed by THE EFFICIENT SEVEN TEAM. We @suboohi, @sofian88, @simonnwigwe, @franyeligonzalez, @msharif, @monz122, and @rosz work together the whole week to heal quality content at Steemit. We curated several posts this week. We are trying to support with maximum diversity and curated posts from 16 countries and 34 communities and in total 142 votes have been distributed among the steemians through steemcurator04.

the minor plus-minus can happen in the stats.







83 posts34 posts25 posts


Author: @arcayart
Club Status: club5050
Featured by: @franyeligonzalez


REASON:"An excellent publication where we can appreciate the art of our friend, she is undoubtedly a great artist and we can appreciate it in all her publications. On the other hand, a very inspiring publication because it tells us about the love of parents, something unique and invaluable. I invite you all to appreciate her artistic creations. It complies with a good layout and with all the standards established by the curing team. "

Club Status: Club75
Featured by: @msharif

99pyU5Ga1kwqSXWA2evTexn6YzPHotJF8R85JZsErvtTWY2fiPPeoUW72bX8hhQw9nHKWPw3MSnhVBbiLBmq6kCGAN5TRdEZ7YL24AjnzjzFxE6w9wd5jsvwcsZfcFsp8e.jpegLINK TO THE POST

REASON:"This is a very good publication. Where this user very nicely reveals how Steemit has influenced his life during Covid-19."

Author: @aaliarubab
Club Status: club75
Featured by: @suboohi

9vWp6aU4y8kwSZ9Gw15LFL3aMdhmgmBBFMpDJregpdP328TqFSx1P1cfwFDiRy2MUdnE6zErQTAioknKYDbNV7tictGu9J2D2yJk5MvwPDUh4Rr9kF3aLmbDSgeAPBXrR1dyxiHNvWR6Gzk4v.pngLINK TO THE POST

REASON: "a woman explains how to make beautiful wall decoration at low cost, she makes a craft design for it, the post is very well detailed step by step I think that anyone with this guide could achieve it, you could give this if you have a low budget"

Author: @jdta.art
Club Status: Club5050
Featured by: @rosz


REASON: "This user makes a digital art using Photoshop cs6 , he shows the step by step and notes the time and dedication he put into the drawing , he makes good use of markdown , finally he poses with his work of art "

Author: @deepak94
Club Status: Club75
Featured by: @sofian88


REASON: "In this post author showed his photographic skills and shared beautiful views that really eye catching"

Club Status: club100
Featured by: @simonnwigwe

JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH7yu6od7m2obvLLCaH7C9tLeijPyRKMYefFk1ivHhWDYnEv3XXHpdeLvUQ7hBpLzdDy4i9CFN3L4Z8xPWnbvGpTtxRi3966.jpegLINK TO THE POST

REASON: "The author wrote in detail about an experience where he saw grace playing in action in his life. After loosing his phone to a taxi he bored which looks the same with ever other taxi within the town. He finally spotted the very taxi after some search due to flat tyre which occured to the taxi he initial bored."

Club Status: Club75
Featured by: @monz122

21PRtjKRXPQybj4WUXScWv5QPLninWRxfbcWNsx7SenD7FqryQyzBHbN6Z4Z3oFpjMyxdEg6QvriavBUT8xCmmj7dnBSEDZSBjj2HduKNh6qEB5MqwyRBdEtfuDcFShBgzLrDo53KvWx9sKSj1h359x.jpegLINK TO THE POST

REASON:Something interesting, she uses old jeans and then turns it into something very beautiful hand bag and has a valuable value. With creative content like this, we hope that more users will take advantage of used goods and then turn them into products that have a high selling price, creativity has no limits!

Team Info :

CuratorDiscord ID
@suboohisuboohi #9678
@sofian88sofian88 #1715
@msharifmsharif #5177
@simonnwigwesimonnwigwe #1226



With best regards,
The Efficient Seven !

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A wonderful report you have presented here my friend and leader. Congratulations to all those selected.

A wonderful report as usual. Mam you and your team are efficient. Congratulations to all those selected.
Thank you so much mam & Efficient Team to select my post.
Inn Sha Allah , your team will select for the month of July. A very hard-working team you have. Good leader.

A complete and detailed report on the ability of the steemian that was chosen to be the best article for the 4th week of June. :)

A great report from the efficient team, I really appreciate @simonnwigwe for selecting my post.. and also congratulations to all the other authors that have been selected.

Keep Steeming 🚀

You deserve it my friend. You did a great job. Steem On!

Thanks for including my post .

What a thrill and great news that I have been included in the best of the week. It is my first time selected and I feel very happy and full of gratitude. Thanks to the whole team, especially to the dear friend @franyeligonzalez

God bless you, success to all, thousands of thanks. 🥰💙💙💙🎨🎨

Saludos amiga, gracias por crear contenido de calidad!!

Exelente trabajo el que realiza este equipo me alegra mucho espero sigan asi... gracias por mencionarme tratare de seguir publicando conteni de su agado bendiciones y muchísimos exitos para todos...

Excelente informe líder, hicimos un gran trabajo!! :)

Hello friends, sorry for the inconvenience. I have a question about the vote I received from the @steemcurator01 . It was 15% = approximately $4. However, visualize that the same percentage of votes have been received by other users today, and 15%= $21 approximately. Is the system a bug? I await your response thank you very much.


Hi friend, I have checked and you are absolutely right, apparently there is a bug in the system. Hopefully @steemcurator01 can get back to us.

Thank you for your reply dear. I also hope that @steemcurator01 can get back to us! First time I see something like this happen 🥺

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry - it was too close to the end of the 7 day voting time. Another vote now given on your other post.

Make sure you keep posting regularly so you always have posts available for voting.

cc @franyeligonzalez

Thank you so much, dear curator! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll always keep it in mind.

Thank you very much for your support!

Wow, what a comprehensive and in-depth report. Thank you for the time and work you put into writing this content.