Curation Report With @steemcurator03 (Curating for Newcomers community)

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I hope everyone is well by the infinite mercy of God. Today I will share with you curation day of the Achievement Program with @steemcurator03. I have curated 30 achievement..

List of Achievement

  • Achievement 1:: Achievement 1 curation list 10.
  • Achievement 4 : Achievement 4 curation list 10.
  • Achievement 5::Achievement 2 curation list 10.

At the moment, achievement programs are playing a very important role in improving New Users. New comers are gaining a lot of knowledge from here. I am glad to work with this program.

List of Achievement 1

1@arsalan131Post link
2@sagorkhan011Post link
3@wilsonr1Post link
4@neryccg211Post link
5@sonique1Post link
6@desiree1Poswt link
7@angelmarx1Post link
9@dracken1Post link
10@zahangv1Post link

List of Achievement4

1@ronaqali4Post link
2@hashir1234Post link
3@zaeemanwar4Post link
4@4Post link
5@chichi07164Post link
6@massiu94Post link
7@merceem4Post link
8@ladybb4Post link
9@ezego4Post link
10@mubashrafarooqi4Post link

List of Achievement 5(1,2,3,4,5), 6

1@kingkenny0425Post link
2@rahmat315Post link
3@js155Post link
4@loverboy105Post link
5@mimi235Post link
6@zulhendra5Post link
7@zohaibb5Post link
8@edwinmartinez15Post link
9@artisann5Post link
10@kenneth005Post link

Thanks to @tarpan, @boss75, @abuahmad for your help..


Stay home, Stay safe. Be aware of Covid-19.

See you soon.

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