Weekly Report - October 11 to 17, 2021 | By CR Venezuela @saracampero

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Hello Steemit

This is my report of the weekly activities during October 11 to 17 as a representative of the country Venezuela, Moderator Steem Venezuela, Moderator Steemit Nursery, Moderator Steem Kids, Moderator and promotor Venezuela PromoSteem, and Steem Women's Club Moderator Steem Women's Club. Recommendations and suggestions are welcome.

Steem Venezuela

As part of my responsibility as CR of my country, I have been assigned the task of controlling and supporting user publications in the official community for Venezuelans Steem Venezuela where on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays I use the community account @ hive-193637 in order to Support recent posts through votes and comments, thus being able to motivate users who take the time and dedication to create content from quality in this beautiful social network.

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@hive-193637 | @saracampero

Wednesday (10-06-2021) Creative Works
Friday (10-15-2021) #sv-mujeres👩

It is important to mention that this is not all, since from my personal account I had the opportunity to support and comment on many active Venezuelan users in this community, throughout the week.

Steem Women's Club

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4,51 %

In this community, I have been fulfilling the role of moderator or representative of Venezuelan women for several months. Where I live 24/7, I also manage telegram and WhatsApp groups where I receive more than hundreds of questions a week, obviously, I am and will be there to always support the women of my country. In this community I have the responsibility to visit, support, and control the publications of the women of my country, receive the new members to guide them, so I take advantage of once and invite them to my groups to be able to attend them easily from the comfort of my smartphone. Currently, there are 220 users in the telegram group and 160 in the WhatsApp group, and in this way, I take the opportunity to communicate important information regarding steemit, the announcement of contests, corrections, and tips to improve their publications, among many other things.

I have been assigned to use the community account @ steemwomensclub to support and visit all the publications of the day, in order to motivate women to continue publishing and growing on steemit.

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@steemwomensclub | @saracampero

Activities carried out during the week at Steem Women's Club:

  • Review and selection of quality publications of Venezuelan women.
  • Votes for all recent Venezuelan publications every day.
  • Commission and approval of entries in the weekly contest.
  • Verification of users on the Discord Steem Women's Club Server.
  • Attention to doubts and questions via WhatsApp and Telegram 24/7.
  • Tips and recommendations in general for better quality publications 24/7.

@steemcurator05 10/14/21

Curation Report: Steemcurator05 (October 14, 2021) by @saracampero
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#thediarygame, #betterlife

Steemit Nursery

Disclosure of community rules for users with the Alumni tag (more than two months in steemit), and invitation to include the #achievement1 in each publication shared within this community.


Monitoring and control of 40 participation of this week's contest in the community "My future in Steemit" and election of 3 winners.

📣 Steemit Nursery Contest: My future at Steemit?


My activities in this community range from user verification, disclosure of community rules and guidelines, control, supervision, and selection of quality posts, review and check for attempted plagiarism, invitation to include the #achievement1 in every post shared within this community, healing with the community account on Fridays 00:00 UTC, and visiting and commenting on posts in my language.

I have been assigned to use the community account @ steemkidss to support and visit all the publications of the day, in order to motivate users to continue publishing and growing on steemit.

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PromoSteem 📣

PromoSteem Venezuela - Weekly Report (October 08 to 14, 2021) by @saracampero

Contests produced by @saracampero. October 11 to 17

📣 PromoSteem Contest - Promoting Steem and Steemit in social networks [80 STEEM]
🏆 WINNERS 🏆 Steemit Nursery Contest: My future at Steemit?
📣 Steem Women Club Contest - I am #club5050, what are you waiting for to join? [100 STEEM]

Content #steemexclusive by @saracampero. October 11 to 17

Como hacer una obra de arte sin gastar mucho dinero #2: Steem y yo en Halloween [TUTORIAL]

My contribution and participation to #club5050 Octuber 11 to 17 @saracampero

Personally I have been in charge from my own account, in letting all the users of different communities where I am working know "that they have to participate" by leaving comments about the topic, making useful publications such as guides with demos and obviously I also participate by adding the tag and complying with the rules.

Another thing, I have also been attending people via WhatsApp and Telegram who come to me to find out everything about club5050 and clarify many doubts "it's my job" although some people usually write me in the wee hours of the morning xD.

Below you will see some publications that I have made to help people and above all to motivate them.

Steem Women Club Venezuela - ¿ Como participar en el #club5050? Estrategia de inversion y crecimiento + Demostracion [ 228 Power UP]
📣 Steem Women Club Contest - I am #club5050, what are you waiting for to join? [100 STEEM]
👀 ATENCION VENEZUELA 👀 ¿Por qué es importante participar en el #club5050? + Reflexion + Demostracion [525 POWER UP]

Summary of my participation in the #club5050 (10-18-21)

Total Rewards
Power UP
38.372 SBD
19.816 SBD
228.849 SP
89.135 SBD
44.570 SBD
525.471 SP
Steem Power Own:

Curation from my account, @saracampero

Next you will see the distribution of the outgoing votes of my account during the week 10-11-21 to 10-17-21

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@saracampero by https://steemyy.com

To follow up last week's report: Weekly Report (October 04 to 10, 2021) By CR Venezuela @saracampero

Weekly Report (October 04 to 10, 2021) By CR Venezuela @saracampero

This is my full report for this day, I hope you enjoyed it and can leave me some positive, negative, corrective comments or whatever you want to tell me.

Best Regards
Country Representative Venezuela

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Amiga soy Fanny, te escribo para el préstamo.

Ok tal y como lo solicitaste, te he enviado el apoyo de 35 steem desde mi cuenta "para compra y ventas" @cambiame.

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Dios bendiga a tu familia y que todo salga bien.