Weekly Report as Country Representative of Bangladesh- 12-11-2021 To 19-11-2021

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Weekly report post

I have been serving as Country Representative for a long time. I have always loved this platform. I have started many projects on my own initiative. I believe every project is good for steemit platform. I took over as Country Representative about a year ago. So far I have been doing my job properly. I believe that this blockchain based decentralized platform will one day gain tremendous popularity in the world. I am with this platform now and i want to stay in the future..


Discuss my last 7 days of activities:

I took an initiative 3 months 22 days ago. That is to increase the power of the users. Already I have had great success. So far more than 500,000 + STEEM has been used to increase steem power.
Initiative Announcement: Post Link

Users who have increased power this week:

NO.NamePower upAmount
1@faisalamin16.0171%300 STEEM
2@rasel721.27585%29 STEEM
3@oishi00143.75%84 STEEM
4@beer7568.75%55 STEEM
5@rex-sumon3.32143%400 STEEM
6@monira99912.8535%50 STEEM
7@mdsamad1.47378%33 STEEM
8@rayhan1111.43609%30 STEEM
9@neelandneel656.501%55 STEEM
10@kabir2116.6667%350 STEEM
11@alsarzilsiam5.08388%100 STEEM
12@tangera5.14403%100 STEEM
13@haideremtiaz9.90262%60 STEEM
14@biplob25525%50 STEEM
15@simaroy12.9699%69 STEEM
16@mrahul403.18681%29 STEEM
17@engrsayful13.5699%260 STEEM
18৮@nusuranur11.9756%294 STEEM
19@swagata2192.1569%93 STEEM
20@shopon7006.07867%51 STEEM

Total power has increased to 323,925 steem in the ongoing contest.

Total 2492 steem power has been increased in this week. In the ongoing contest, the total 326,367 power has been increased.

175,357 STEEM power increased in First month

Post Link


I want to keep this platform clean & clear. It is not possible for me to do it alone. That's why I always check the content written in my own language. If there is any kind of plagiarism or copyright issue, i report it immediately and take necessary action. Below is this week's report:

This post link


The number of crimes this week is very low due to strong surveillance.


Delegation Service for New User:

Many new users want to increase their engagement a lot in the beginning. But having a new account doesn’t increase enough engagement. I think it hinders the expression of any good user talent. I took an initiative 1 week ago to solve this problem. Post the announcement of the initiative. I have given delegation service to 12 users in just 18 days. The following is a list of them:

1@kazi-raihan502021-10-19, 18:57
2@tania69502021-10-17, 00:10
3@sumon09502021-10-17, 09:52
4@farhanshadik502021-10-17, 12:13
5@rita135502021-10-17, 19:00
6@oishi001252021-10-23, 20:50
7@razzak00502021-10-26, 20:23
8@saifulraju502021-10-20, 10:56
9@shohel44502021-10-26, 22:04
10@swagata21302021-10-30, 00:29
11@neelandneel302021-11-03, 09:00
12@sonia39502021-10-30, 00:29
13@farhanatonni252021-11-05, 21:15
14@md-ashik252021-11-05, 18:43
15@svshuvo402021-11-05, 09:40


My support to Bangladeshi users:

I try to support all users every day. Even if it is a little, I distribute it among everyone. However, I do not support any micro post or short post. I just try to support good quality posts. Below is a screenshot of the last 7 days of support.





I am constantly trying to help all kinds of general users. When a new user joins the platform, he naturally does not understand much. He has to provide proper guidelines. That's why every week I try to help new users with the right information. My efforts will continue. Join us here to see how carefully we guide users.


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