Team SEVENGERS Tag Declaration for the Month of July -["LEARN WITH STEEM"]

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Hello Steemians, I trust everyone is doing great. Team SEVENGERS is grateful for the opportunity given to us once again to curate "Learn with Steem" topics. Also, we will like to thank everyone for their support. We will continue our good works with all diligence it deserves.

In this post, we will be declaring the tags the team will track and also the team curation guidelines for effective curation. We encourage everyone to follow these guidelines in all their publication.

Before the tag declaration, I will like to encourage users to learn and include the tags relevant to their publication. In the previous month of "Learn with Steem" curation, we witnessed users using the #learnwithsteem tag for diary game, power up posts and promo-steem related content. Please #learnwithsteem tag is strictly used for education and teaching related content. Please refrain from inappropriate use of #learnwithsteem tag if your post is not related to the context of the tag.

Declaration of Tags to be tracked by the Team

It is very crucial to have tags to guarantee that we find your publication and also to carry out the curation effectively. We encourage users to use the right tags related to the topics they are writing about. Team SEVENGERS are made up of professionals and teachers with academic and real-life expertise in different fields of study. Learn with Steem aims at educating Steemians on different topics and the team will ensure that this objective is met through effective curation.

To make sure that we do not miss out on any content related to "Learn with Steem", the following tags will be tracked by the team. Please ensure you include these tags among the first five tags of your posts.

  • #learnwithsteem : This is the official tag the team will be tracking. The tags should be included in every contest related to " Learn with Steem".
  • #tutorial: This is another tag the team will be tracking. Users who will be transferring knowledge in a more interactive manner other than lectures are advised to use this tag. Examples are Make-up tutorials, Cooking tutorials, Car maintenance, Programming tutorials, etc.
  • #lesson: This tag is meant for teachers, students, professors, and educational professionals who will be delivering lectures & courses on different subjects such as English, computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. You are encouraged to use this tag in all your publications.
  • Country Tag (eg. #Nigeria): Users are encouraged to include their country in the first 5 tags. The purpose of this is both to ensure that we proactively achieve a greater reach across the globe and also to carry out effective data analysis.
  • Club Status ( #club5050, #club75, #club100) : This program is no more new in the Steemit ecosystem. To help @steemitblog achieve its aim, we will be curating only users who are following at least #club5050. Note that users following #club75 and #club100 will receive higher curation rewards. So endeavor to keep powering up and build your Steem Power for higher rewards on your publication.
  • #steemexclusive: We strongly recommend all users to include this tag in their publications. This is a way to ensure that your post is exclusive to only the Steemit Ecosystem.
    The team will look out for the above tags. We encourage users to carefully use these tags in their publications. Also, users are expected to add tags relevant to the topic they are discussing.

How the team will look out for Plagiarism

Our priority is to curate only quality and original content posted using our tags. Any form of plagiarism including Direct, Self, and Accidental will not be tolerated by the team. Users are encouraged to refrain from any form of plagiarism. Users guilty of plagiarism will risk getting banned from receiving support from the team. The team will make sure that all posts are evaluated critically using effective plagiarism detection tools. Furthermore, we will ensure that every citation found in the content is a direct link to the original author. Additionally, we will ensure that all images are obtained from copyright-free sources with appropriate attribution.


The team has chosen to maintain its previous curation plan. Two team members will be assigned to check all tags and also look out for plagiarism on their assigned day. The rest of the team members will assist in looking out for plagiarized content.

DayTeam MembersTime active (GMT)
Monday & Thursday@cryptogecko2am - 8pm
-@daytona47512pm - 8pm
Tuesday & Friday@ripon06303am - 8pm
-@fabio26145pm - 9pm
Wednesday & Saturday@maazmoid1235am - 3pm
-@tucsond1pm - 6pm
Sunday@reminiscence01Weekly Report and All round Curation

Each team member will review the tags and upvote content that meet our requirement. A comment will be left on each post curated for transparency and documentation. The post will be upvoted according to the review of the team member with preference given to #club status.
An example of the comment is shown below.

Thank you for contributing to #LearnWithSteem theme. This post has been upvoted by @Reminiscence01 using [curator] account. We encourage you to keep publishing quality and original content in the Steemit ecosystem to earn support for your content.

To ensure a wider reach of curation, the team will be limiting the number of upvotes a user can receive in a week, but this will depend on the volume of posts published that week. Also, users who have already received upvotes from other curators and booming support will not be eligible to receive an upvote on the same post. This strategy will help us to ensure that we curate as many posts as possible that meet the curation requirements.

Users who are guilty of buying votes from bot accounts like @tipu, @upvu, etc. are not eligible to receive upvotes. This is not a good practice and it is against the process of curation. Users are meant to be rewarded on the Proof of Brain (PoB) mechanism. Therefore, we encourage users to refrain from the practice of using bots accounts to receive rewards.

The account will be strictly used for only upvoting quality content. To ensure there's transparency among the team members, the team leader @reminiscence01 will be in charge of curating a member of the team's post daily with 100% upvote and also ensure that not more than 10% of the voting power is used to vote a member's post in a week. This means that the team members are not allowed to vote on their post or another team member’s post using the curator's account.

At the end of the week, the team leader will make a post highlighting the curation report and also select the best 7 posts for the week nominated by the team members. Similarly, all the members of the team will be set as beneficiaries for the post as a means of rewarding them for their hard work.

The team will pay more attention to the quality of content published and also its originality. The Steemit community encourages all members from different communities and countries to share their experiences and ideas through education. The curation team will always be there to support you to the fullest extent possible as long as you comply with the standards and requirements mentioned above.

Best regards,


@reminiscence01 [Team Leader] - #club75
@cryptogecko - #club100
@tucsond - #club100
@maazmoid123 - #club100
@ripon0630 - #club100
@daytona475 - #club75
@fabio2614 - #club75

Cc: @steemitblog

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you make a perfect report brother .

Thank you.

Great team
You guys are doing a good job
Steem on

A great curator team, I wish you much success dear friends. Greetings from Venezuela. 😃