1st Curation Report by Team SEVENGERS for the Month of May ["Learn with Steem"].

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Curation Report - May 09.png
Source: Canva

Namaste Steem Family,

We, the team #Sevengers hope everybody is doing good in their lives. We started our curation on the 5th of May as the delegation was not ready for the curation account, but when we started the curation, we gave support to all the posts that were made in the past few days. So even though we started late, we curated most of the posts made in the #learnwithsteem theme tag. Today we are submitting our first curatorial report for the "#learnwithsteem" category tag using the @steemcurator09 curation account for the period of May 5th to May 09th.

Team #sevengers has done curation work in the past and almost all of our members are experienced curators except two of our new members, but still, we have managed to curate good quality posts without any hiccups. We hope to provide support to all quality creators in the future.

The past few days doing curation work, we have seen that the posts submitted in our theme tag are of average quality and do not meet up with the standard of the theme. Nevertheless, the theme is still new and we believe users will be able to improve their writing skills and presentation. We have supported every article that meets the requirement of “Learn with Steem” while leaving valuable feedback and suggestions to encourage users to improve the quality of their work. #Sevengers aim is to make Steemit an ecosystem of standard learning and we are hopeful to achieve that with time.

We only have two recommendations from all the submitted posts because even though most of the posts were above average, the chances of them getting recommended are low. We encourage users to improve the standard of their lessons and tutorials.

General Curation - Analysis and Statistics

General Curation Statistics.png
Total 64 Posts are curated this week

We did not see any assignment posts to support, only lesson type and tutorial posts were made by authors. We hope that we see more posts in the lesson and tutorial category and we also hope that authors start writing assignment-type posts.

Curation by Country - Analysis and Statistics

Country Statistics.png
Curation by Country (Statistics)

Nigerian community stood on top among all the supported users, but since this was only the first week of curation in the #learnwithsteem theme category, we hope that more users from other countries take part in creating posts in this theme and try to create good quality content to get support from our curation account.

Club Status of supported users - Analysis and Statistics

Club Statistics.png
Club Statuses of Curated Authors'

We do not give any support to the authors who are not following any club status, therefore you cannot see any user from no status in the above table. We used to include no status authors in our reports previously, but since we are not providing any support to them, we decided not to include them in our report too.

Recommended posts for this week

Author: @abell24

Club status: #Club5050

Post Link: Miércoles #Cotinatech / Tip de como embellecer sus artículos a través el uso correcto de Markdown (4 May 2022)

The reason to choose this post is that it touches on a subject that is very important for every author. Even after users complete achievement 4 of the newcomers' program and we shared so many tips and suggestions in the comment section, people still do not use markdown properly in their posts. This user has made a proper tutorial to teach their fellow community members the usage of several markdown methods.

Nominated by: @Cryptogecko


Author: @klen.civil

Club status: #Club5050

Post Link: Learnwithsteem : Review steemnow.com (07 May 2022)

Very Good Post, I Recommend Explanation of tutorial Usage of "websites steemnow .com developed by penguinpablo". This application is to view information on some of our activities on the steemit platform without having to enter any key from the steemit key itself. This web is also relatively easy to access either through a computer or Android

Nominated by:@Tucsond


This was our first report of May month, and we hope to see more good quality posts in the coming weeks. We hope that you liked our report.

Club Status of the Sevengers' Team Members,

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Good first report.

Hope you find enough quality posts this coming week to select seven 'Recommended posts' for the next report.

Thank you. The entries under our theme are low and of average quality. But we are expecting more engagement as time goes on. We will try our best to keep encouraging users to publish quality content.

I love this very good report, I will continue to make the best posts

guaaao I am surprised I didn't think I was chosen I made this publication with only one reason and that is to help new users and old users to make the correct use of Markdown there I teach you basic secrets how to do it thank you very much and it's honor I really just wanted to help more people to make their publications beautiful and I hope someday they will surpass me since the knowledge is mutual and I wanted to share it with everyone really thank you very much I feel flattered.

Very nice First Week Report for the theme "Learn with Steem" from Team Sevengers. Good Job Brother...👍😊

Congratulations on the recommended posts! You deserve it.
Also, to the #Sevengers team, congratulations! Curation on the "learnwithsteem" theme was somewhat delayed but we're catching up well. Let's just keep going ... Ajah!

Thank you for choosing my post as the top post, hopefully in the future I can make better posts than this.

There are many publications that can be considered "learnwithsteem" or that fall into that category, but users are not yet using the tag.

There are some Steemit Engagement contests that can be placed in this category, perhaps?

Very good job my friend, I will spread the word so that more people will use this tag "when required".

Thank you for your kind comments The theme is still new and needs time. We can only follow the tags for curation. There is still confusion among users on using the tag correctly and also the kind of content we expect under the tag. But hopefully, this will be clear with time. We urge community leaders to make the announcement and encourage their members to publish under the tag.

Good work brother 👍
Many of us are not using these tags etc I made many times cooking tutorials, make-up tutorials too but I did used these tags before. I think people will aware of them in few weeks and you will find quality posts easily.

Please bring it on and use the correct tags. We will be happy to see your tutorials/lessons. I want to learn some cooking skills too ...Smiles

Thanks dear I will

Thank you so much for the constant reminder.

Good one keep it up