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Greetings Steemians!

We present the fourth report of the Team 5 curation team. We are finishing this fourth week, where we have had a month with activities in the communities and looking for users outside the communities.

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Our Team 5 has been moving through the entire Steemit platform to get posts that meet the requirements and have a high quality. Throughout this month we have been using the SC08 curator account.

Team 5 Ground Rules:

  • Search the entire Steemit platform for posts and comments that are of quality, regardless of any specific topic.

  • No user should have more than three votes in the last 7 days.

  • The voted posts must be steemexclusive, belong to club5050 or club75 or club100, bot free, and must not contain plagiarism.

Below, we will show the statistics obtained during the last 7 days:

Total posts checked and curated

The total number of posts checked by Team 5, during the past week 390 posts were checked, of which 179 posts were supported with the SC08 curator account, and 211 posts were skipped due to low quality or did not belong to any club. Let's see the number of posts checked per day.


Total posts by club status

Last week was dominated by posts with the status of club5050, 94 posts were found, where users belonged to club5050, followed by 47 posts where users belonged to club100. Let's see below the summary.

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Nationalities visited by our team

In the past week, 16 different nationalities were visited by our Team 5, using the SC08 curator account. The nationality with the highest number of visits was Venezuela with 75 voted posts from users belonging to that country, followed by the country Indonesia with 36 Posts voted from users belonging to that country. Below, you can see the complete list of countries visited and the number of posts rewarded with the SC08 account.


Languages of posts that our team voted

Regarding the languages found in the posts, in this third week we found publications of authors written in 7 different languages, predominantly the Spanish language with 83 posts written by authors in the Spanish language, followed by the English language with 57 posts written by authors in this language. Let's see the complete list of languages covered by our team.


Communities our team visited

Our team visited 34 different communities during the past week, the Steem Venezuela community was the most visited with 23 voted posts.

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Voted comments

In the past week, we have voted for 36 comments, where quality comments were found.


The 5 best articles of the week

Article 1:

Author: @max-pro

Club status: #Club5050

Selected by: @malikusman1

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

We love the places where we were born. And it is a great honor for us to describe the beauty of these places. In this post, the author introduces his village with the help of 10 pictures. All the pictures are very nice and information was given along with the pictures. The location of each place is also given and the post is decorated very well

Article 2:

Author: @animal-shelter

Club status: #Club5050

Selected by: @chant

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

The author narrates her walk with the dogs into the forest. It was a risky walk but she had to watch out for the environment over a long time to ensure that they were no mine signs along the road before venturing into the forest in Borodyanka.

Article 3:

Author: @ishakaceh
Club status: #Club5050

Selected by: @waterjoe

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

Because a village assistant can work well with sub-district stakeholders to solve village problems through deliberation in the sub-district embracing all village heads. A village assistant also lined up with the civil service police unit in the Nurussalam sub-district, East Aceh district Stakeholders

Article 4:

Author: @elrazi

Club status: #Club100

Selected by: @frafiomatale

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

The author talks about the importance of taking care of the environment in cooperation with the authorities or on one's own, with small and large daily gestures.
Special attention is given to the cultivation of ginger, a plant useful in the kitchen but also as an ancient medical remedy

Article 5:

Author: @dederanggayoni

Club status: #Club100

Selected by: @pelon53

Post: LInk

Reasons for Selection:

The author gives us a tour of three places she visited, the first trip she made with her family to "Rubiah Island", this island is very visited on vacations. She also shows her visit to "Bukit Laang", a tourist place. And finally, she shows us "Tomok Island", where she enjoyed some time with her family. All these places are located in Indonesia.



We have finished a new week, finding quality publications in different communities and with the objective of continuing to do our work in the best way. Changes and new challenges are coming, ready to face them and give our best.

Written by: pelon53

Team 5

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Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

Thank you for your support sir, God willing we will try our best.

Thank you very much for your support and appreciation.

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Excelente reporte del trabajo realizado amigo @pelon53, voy tomando nota para las actividades que voy a desempeñar próximamente.

Un saludo muy cordial a su equipo.

Saludos amigos, gracias por sus palabras. Estamos a la orden cualquier duda.

Faliz noche

Laporan kurasi tim 5 minggu ke empat yang sangat baik dan begitu detail, terima kasih banyak telah memilih postingan perjalanan bersama keluargaku sebagai artikel terbaik di edisi kali ini. Semoga akan menambah semangat saya untuk memberikan postingan yang lebih baik lagi.

Lo has hecho muy bien. Felicidades

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you stopped By My post.

Thank you pelon sir for our 4th week report. I appriciate it.

The team has worked together. Everyone does their part. Thank you