Report of activities as Representative of Venezuela from October 04 to 18, 2021, by @miyexi!

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Greetings friends of the Steemit community!

This report is to show my activity as a representative of Venezuela during the period from October 04 to 18.

Image created on cannva.

My activity within the Steemit community during the last fifteen days has been very active, I have given my support to my fellow Venezuelan Steemians through votes and motivational comments for their good performance and in some cases I have made mentoring comments to those who need it.source

My actions as a community curator.

With my personal account I made 942 votes supporting 490 authors in their publications, primarily focused on the hashtag #venezuela.


On October 06, 07, 14, 15 I took my turn voting with the community account of the SteemVenezuela community (@hive-193637)

In support of the publications made within the community, I had the opportunity to vote for 15 publications each of these days, in total 60 votes.

On October 9 and 16 I fulfilled my turn using @steemcurator05 the support accounts for the project created by @steemitblog, #thediarygame and #betterlife.

On October 9, I made 21 votes and on October 16, 20 votes, a total of 41 Latin American users who received the incentive for their perseverance.

Curation Report with @steamcurator05 By, @miyexi.

09/10/202121Curation Report with @steamcurator05 October 09, 2021. By, @miyexi.
16/10/202120Curation Report with @steamcurator05 October 16, 2021. By, @miyexi.



To maintain my activity within the community, post the following contests from the SteemVenezuela community account (@hive-193637)

DatesourceBy @tocho2 and @miyexi.
08/10/2021Concurso: Steemit-Promo Medios Sociales.1633576321484.png
18/10/2021Concurso: Steemit-Promo Medios Sociales. - Anuncio de los Ganadores1634849629221.png
DatesourceBy @tocho2 and @miyexi.
16/10/2021S-V Desafió fotográfico de fin de semana. 🕵️📸1634849654711.png

I also made a contest from my personal account to promote the awareness initiative for the prevention of breast cancer, since it is a condition that affects many women in Venezuela.

DatesourceBy @miyexi.
15/10/2021Concurso: Octubre mes rosa - Yo soy rosa y tú? 💗1634849572923.png

Thank you for reading my report as the country representative Venezuela!


A new week to thank for the trust and support of the Steemit team @steemitblog!

Greetings and blessings.


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