Report of activities as Representative of Venezuela from November 15 to 21, 2021, by @miyexi!

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Greetings friends of the Steemit community!

This report is to show my activity carried out in the Steemit community as a Cr of my country Venezuela during the period of November 15 to 21.

Image created on cannva.

My activity during the week was active and I continued to support my fellow Steemians with votes and comments, most of them participants of the #club5050 from my country Venezuela.

I am also attentive to some users who need guidance on #club5050 or any use on the platform.source

My actions as a community curator.

From the 15th to the 21st of November I made 353 positive votes to 253 authors from my country Venezuela and in this way I left my contribution to each of their publications.

Like in previous weeks, part of my votes are destined to support the trail organized by the Country Representatives for Venezuela.


On November 17 and 18 I fulfilled my turn as a community curator using the SteemVenezuela community account (@hive-193637), every day I made 15 votes in total 30 users were awarded.


On November 20 I did a round of votes with the account @steemcurator05 and in compliance with my turn I voted for 20 users who made their publications for the project created by @steemitblog #thediarygame and #betterlife.

All the awarded users were selected according to the list for Latin America and are active participants in the #club5050.

Curation Report with @steamcurator05 November 20, 2021. By, @miyexi.

29/11/202120Curation Report with @steamcurator05 November 20, 2021. By, @miyexi.


On November 17 and after working with @tocho2 for the selection of the winners of the "Photographic Challenge Weekend S-V #5. - Topic: Books 📚" I published the results of the contest.

There were 33 entries for this photo challenge.

On the 19th I made the publication with the new theme for the contest, "S-V Weekend Photo Challenge #6. 🕵️📸 Theme: Antiques"

17/11/2021S-V Desafió fotográfico de fin de semana #5. - Tema: Libros 📚 - Anuncio de los ganadores 🥳IMG_20211117_174440.png
19/11/2021S-V Desafió fotográfico de fin de semana #6. 🕵️📸20211119_073521_0000.png

Thank you for reading my report as the country representative Venezuela!


A new week to thank for the trust and support of the Steemit team @steemitblog!

Greetings and blessings.


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Very good activities report thanks for sharing your work