Weekly Curation Report by Team 1 - Week #4 September

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Hi steemians,

Since the end of September, we are on the stage to submit our 4th-week report, Team -1 has been working to choose the top posts created by users of the Steemit platform, placing a focus on the articles' quality and appearance.

We select posts that meet the following requirements:

Copyright-free image
Steemexclusive post
Club5050, club75 or club100
Plagiarism Free
Bit bots free
More than 300 words

We voted on 143 articles this week, which means that we nearly maintained the voting rate from the previous week. However, this past week saw a rise in the number of comments.

As usual, #thediarygame tagged posts were the most featured this time around, but posts featuring tags like #creativewriting #art and #steemgrowth were increased slightly.

The statistics for this week will be covered in detail in the section after that, and the report will be wrapped up with a list of the top five articles that successfully persuaded readers to read their material.

Team1's statistics for the 4th week

Countries :


We identified posts from 20 countries and various regions of the world by segmenting the countries that the users are from, with Venezuela dominating with a percentage of 35.07%, Indonesia coming in second with 15.67%, and Bangladesh coming in third with 13.48%.

Club Status and burnstem25 :

As for club affiliation, we find closeness between the percentages of the three clubs, with a slight increase for club100 by 32.5%. While club75 is 26.66%, and club5050 is 40.83%.


Articles whose writers transferred 25% of their earnings to @null as part of the burn policy to reduce steem inflation were the most voted articles with 51.41%. Total 120 posts curated with an extra 10% in this category.



The communities in which they wrote the articles varied, amounting to 35 communities, 9.91% of which belonged to the Steem Venezuela



As for the tags, we found 33 different tags, most of the articles were under #thediarygame tag by 26.49%, as most users are creative in this type of topic with great pictures and writing.


Top 5 selected in the 4th week

The author:@tocho2
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@msharif


She has published a wonderful post. Where she shared some beautiful pictures of her city and beach which are really interesting.


The author:@majerius
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@crismenia


The user presents us with a very creative publication in which he lets his imagination fly, in addition to taking care of its presentation and being a very active steemians. Successes Majerius.🤗


The author:@rasel72
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@kouba01


A good article that falls within the daily activity of the users, the writer detailed his day-long work smoothly in paragraphs so organized that we have the impression that we are watching a vlog. Excellent level of writing, congratulations on that.



The author:@m-fdo
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@jyoti-theligh


This author participated in a competition organized by the community and displayed her valuable and best items in a very beautiful manner as befits the competition. The way she explained each item, and the selfies she took with them, were really cool and enjoyable. Markdown was prominent in his post, and he maintains her club100. So to appreciate her I select his post as the best post


The author:@steem-for-future
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by: @alee75


The author tells about a simple motivation to achieve success, namely Patience and honesty. In today's capitalist era, people often cheat in business in various ways. Even though we can still be successful with honesty, many people choose a shortcut to succeed. This simple motivation is very useful for us in the midst of the current unfavorable conditions.


Team 1 Members

User NameCountryClub Status

Each week, Team 1 will choose five posts to highlight in our report. We are hopeful that we can carry out the duty given to us by the Steemit team effectively. We expect all users to follow our guidelines Team 1 curation Guidelines for September well so that we can support them all. Best wishes to all.

Best Regards, Team1



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Thank you for your report.

You’re very welcome, thank you for the great support ♡ ❤ ♡

I have been selected in Team-1 for October and we have not received any order yet, can we start curation with the key we already have? I am looking for your reply. Thank you

Excelente informe, muy bien detallado, bien expuesto, bien nutrido. Interesante todos los aspectos tomados en consideración. Espero poder servirme de este modelo para el trabajo de nuestro equipo.

Éxitos en la nueva etapa.


Thank you very much for your compliments and I hope that we can prepare and submit the report as you have joined us and wish you well.

Thanks for including me on the list. I think my post will definitely play an important role to be a proper entrepreneur and succeed in future. Thanks again for including me on the list.

It’s my pleasure, one of our team members @alee75 read and select your post, I app[recate him here

Thank you @jyoti-theligh for choosing my post as one of the best posts. You have done a great job on the steemit platform.

You are welcome, keep making quality posts

thanks to this wonderful curation team for taking my post into account.

I am very happy about this

Thank you, keep writing quality posts like this