Weekly Report as Country Representative of the Philippines and Greeter in Newcomer's Achievement Program: August 01-2022 until August 07-2022

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Greetings Steem Pod team. In this post, I will be submitting my second report on the activities that I performed for the past week as an Admin in the Steemit Philippines Community and verification of tasks in the Newcomers community.

Here are the posts that qualify for the Booming Support Tier 2 program submitted by the Moderators of the Steemit Philippines Community.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 23.37.31.png

Screenshot 2022-08-11 23.42.04.png

All posts are from verified members and carefully chosen by the moderators if they followed the Steemit protocol.


I am assigned as a Greeter in the Newcomers Community and support newbies who qualified at a certain level of their Achievement task using the @steemcurator03 curation account.

Achievement 1

@riju12Achievement-1 My introduction post
@abdul34malikAchievemnet 1 post by @abdul34malik

Achievement 2

User NameAchievement Task Link

Achievement 5

User NameAchievement Task Link

Corrected Achievement Task

Here are the Achievement tasks that do not pass the verification. But I gave them instructions on how to correct their mistake to pass a certain level.

User NameAchievement Task Link


I have made two posts this week. One of my posts discussed the curators for August. I explained it in the Tagalog language to give a better understanding to my fellow Filipinos and the other one is about my diary.

Mga Tag na Dapat Gamitin at ang mga Nakatalagang Curator sa Buwan ng Agusto
The Diary Game: August 9-2022 "Ngiti sa Gitna ng Pagod"||#burnsteem25

I have maintained my #club100 status. This week I powered up a total of 162 Steem. I now have a total of 16,330.331 Steem power. I am targetting to be a Dolphin x4 months from now and power up every single Steem that I have.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 22.35.08.png


In my previous posts, I mentioned that I have internet trouble in my apartment. But it is not a hindrance to keeping me going and doing the assigned task given to me. I will continue in finding ways and places where I have an opportunity to connect to the internet. Anyway, I am going back to the Philippines next month, there I am hopeful to have a stronger internet connection and that I can serve this platform even better.

Country Representative and Greeter from the Philippines,

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Indeed a great job done again. Very thank you for your kind support and doing this great job as a Greeter.

I am willing to give my support and guidance to the Newcomers and help them grow on this platform @growwithme. Thank you for your inspiring words.

Great job bro...very nice report. God Bless you 😇

Salamat bro.

Thank you very much for this post and for your support. I am glad to have come this far in the achievements, and I look forward to completing the last one soon.

Hello @juichi,

sorry to disturb you,

This is my friends, I've invite him for @steemit but no one is take attention on him. 5 days almost finished but his post not verified and done @achivement1.

So do needful for this.