Weekly Curation Report Of @steemcurator04 | May - Week# 1| - By The PERFECT SEVEN ARTS team

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The mentioned team is serving as curators on the subject of ART, for the month of May with the curator account @steemcurator04 with the current members: @nishadi89, @eliany, @shohana1, @jyoti-thelight, @alena-vladi, and @cindycam.

The designation for the ART team tracks these tags: #art, #creative, #photography, #writing, #music, #handicrafts Different publications are located in compliance with all the rules, to carry out the good work; where clubs, verifications, exclusivity are included.

Each of the posts are #steemexclusive selected this week. It is checked in the statistics to share.

The concern of the whole team is that the steemians comply with all the regulations so that they get a good vote in favor; The search is difficult to find a lot of plagiarized content or not complying with the rules that are necessary.

Information on tracking statistics and on work in the different communities on ART issues is shared below:

Votes were given to the authors following clubs:

The vote includes a considerable number of votes, we selected a total of 145 publications according to the clubs they are following.


Communities Curated in:

Through the curation of the week, around 26 different communities have been covered, through the diversity of work around the topic, all of our team members work in different communities and have provided healing support in this great community. variety of communities. Also from some communities, a lot of posts are selected due to the fact that our team is looking for content related to art and most of the communities only have daily games and other daily things that are not included in the arts. In addition to the current challenge, where users focus on it and the other categories go down in publications.

Colombia original12Steem For Betterlife3
Steem Venezuela1Beauty of Creativity1
Urdu-Community4Steem Ship15
Steem Japan1Recreative Steem1
Steemit Pakistan1Steem Women Club9
Steemit Garden1Steemit contest2
Comunidad Latina4Stars of steem3
Steem India1World of Xpilar8
Steemkids13Venezolanos Steem3
Steem Studios4Steemalive3
Steem Cameroon1Steem Photo19
Draft Crearte17Scouts1
Steem family7Steem Skillshare7

Countries Curated:

In curation it has spread to almost 19 different countries for the reason of diversifying our curation and reaching deserving authors from all over the world. That they do a total job in quality.

Cameroon2Sri Lanka1


Author: @dloreantdiseno (Club5050)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-109427/@dloreantdiseno/draftcrearte-zapatos-de-cerdito-tejidos-para-varon-or-dloreantdiseno

Chosen by: @nishadi89

Reason: This user made a pair of shoes for a small child using wool yarn. Usually only a few people have this ability. Most people do not create wool yarn in this way. This is a very useful creative craft.

Author: @yrmaleza (Club75)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-188403/@yrmaleza/steem-women-club-engagement-contest1-or-mi-viejo-es-todo-lo-que-esta-bien-or-yrmaleza

Chosen by: @alena-vladi


Reason: The author of the post, a singer, tells how her father influenced her music preferences and tastes when she was a child. With warmth of her heart she speaks about father who helped her to become what she is.

Author: @mesola (Club5050)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-190926/@mesola/how-i-recycle-paper-and-mould-a-beautiful-steemit-logo

Chosen by: @eliany


Reason: This author make good use of a waste materials to promote steemit. She recycled paper and mold steemit with steem logo to decorate her sitting room, this art work will go a long way to promote steemit to anyone who will visit her either friends and family members to join steemit. She took time to show us the step and step on how to mold this logo, her work is commendable and worth emulating.

Author: @mrsokal (Club100)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-190926/@mrsokal/club100-or-or-share-your-pictures-of-the-most-beautiful-place-or-or-nafakhum-the-infinite-wonder-of-beauty

Chosen by: @jyoti-thelight


Reason: In this post, the author has taken us virtually to the place called Remakri through his tremendous photography and his creative writing skill, all the photographs were taken very nicely and just like professional photographer's styles.

Author: @shemul21 (Club100)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-153970/@shemul21/club100-or-my-town-in-10-pictures-or-by-shemul21

Chosen by: @janemorane


Reason: the author has made a very good post with a combination of nice pictures and detailed description of each picture, moreover it represented the the different places of the town in a nice way with directions to it.

Author: @irlandakarina (Club5050)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-188619/@irlandakarina/clun5050-or-or-martes-de-cotina-creative-or-or-guantes-y-accesorios-de-cocina-or-or-por-irlandakarina

Chosen by: @cindycam


Reason: The selection of this publication is based on creativity, to create kitchen potholders in various presentations, such as glove and napkin style, from the resources at home, and the available fabrics. Explained from start to finish, in the elaboration, to other tips, so that it does not remain thin, remembering that they are to hold hot pieces. They are a good complement to the kitchen, saving costs by being able to make them at home and using ingenuity for something useful.

Author: @ripon0630 (Club100)

Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-173434/@ripon0630/there-is-nothing-more-pleasurable-than-receiving-a-gift-from-your-loved-one-or-or-steemship

Chosen by: @shohana1


Reason: He has written a perfect blog from his life. Its really a precious feeling to have gift from loved one. He have added the traditional dress, perfume, watch and wallet as gift that he consider as valuable thing. He has expressed it perfectly, written quality blog with good explanation and images so it deserves to have a good support and appreciation. His blog expressed it with good words that really impressive to his reader.

PS: Some posts in the above selected top posts are expired, it would be great if they are encouraged for their hard work and vote on their other active posts.


@eliany (Club75) || @nishadi89 (Club75) || @cindycam (Club75)

@alena-vladi (Club5050)

@jyoti-thelight (Club75) || @shohana1 (Club100)

@janemorane (club75)


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Holaaa, que gusto. Se los agradezco mucho amigos
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nice post, my dear @yrmaleza! really the best!

Excellent weekly report on Curation Report Of @steemcurator04 by The Perfect Seven Arts Team...👍😊

Wishing you all success in carrying out the task of curating for the community.

Thank you so much sir for your kind words to us. Keep praying that we always be blessed with this opportunity. 😇

You're Welcome My Friend, I really like art, especially the Art of Photography, maybe you can occasionally visit my profile to see my Photography...😊

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Alhamdulillah we are done for May 1st week. Hope we keep serving good job and supporting quality blogs. Thanks dear team leader for this report, you made it perfectly. Thanks and stay blessed 💖💓💗

Wow, it's great to see my post as one of the Top. Thanks a lot team PERFECT SEVEN, especially @janemorane.

Congratulations to all members GOD bless you all friends
Janemorane thanks for sharing this report