Weekly Curation Report Of @steemcurator04 | April - Week #4 | - By The PERFECT SEVEN ARTS team

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We are serving as the Arts curators for this month of April using @steemcurator04 curation account, together with my brilliant team members, @nishadi89@eliany@shohana1,  @jyoti-thelight@alena-vladi, and  @cindycam.

Being appointed as the ARTS curation team we were looking for these specific tags, #art#creative#photography#writing#music#handicrafts and #poetry and curating different posts that follow all the rules and regulations, following clubs and using accurate tags with their posts are selected and curated by our ARTs Curation team.

Here are the tags statistics curated this week by our team. (All the posts are #steemexclusive)

Our Great concern is to support good quality and the posts fulfilling all the required rules. We are getting more and more specific and the selection for quality posts is getting a bit tough because many plagiarism and content farming cases are popping up nowadays which leads to being more attentive while making the selection.

Below are the Weekly curation Statistics Of Our team.

Votes were given to the authors following clubs:

We have improved the posts from last week and this week went very well, we curated a total of 154 posts according to the clubs they are following.


Communities Curated in:

During our curation, we have covered around 29 different communities this is due to the diversity of our work all of our team members work in different communities and have provided curation support in this huge variety of communities. Also from some communities, a great number of posts are selected due to the fact that our team is looking for art-related content and most of the communities just have diary games and other daily stuff which is not included in arts.

Steem4nigeria1Steem For Betterlife1
Steem Venezuela6Beauty of Creativity1
Urdu-Community4Steem Ship11
Steem Japan2Photography1
Recreative Steem5Steemit Pakistan6
Steem Women Club3Steemit Garden2
Steem Infinity Zone1Steemit contest3
Comunidad Latina8Stars of steem3
Steem India4World of Xpilar3
Steemkids15Venezolanos Steem3
Steem Studios9Tron Fan Club3
Steem Foods1Steem Photo8
Draft Crearte25Scouts2
Steem family7Steem Skillshare15
Steem Bangladesh1

Countries Curated:

In our curation, we have spread our curation to almost 16 different countries because of the motive to diversify our curation and reach deserving authors around the globe.



Author: @loryzur (Club5050)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-109427/@loryzur/concurso-maquillaje-artistico-inspirado-realiza-maquillaje-facial-con-pintura-al-frio-paso-a-paso-loryzur-club50-50
Chosen by: @cindycam


The creativity of the artist to create on his own face what he likes the most, from childhood and in adulthood. A beautiful tiger that was the total inspiration of a dream that he has always wanted and that is reflected in his face in a beautiful way, using his ingenuity to bring the tiger to life, making it look in beautiful colors, highlighting his ability to create, inspired by what it makes him happy. The application of different colors, in cold paints and makeup, facilitating artistic makeup. As the artist mentions, she experimented and did something that challenges her, achieving a beautiful result through all the preparation that involves her face.


Author: @yonaikerurso (Club5050)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-176147/@yonaikerurso/concurso-top-5-de-mis-bandas-favoritas-or-por-yonaikerurso-club5050
Chosen by: @alena-vladi


The author of the post speaks about his musical preferences. It is interesting to read about groups of different styles, performing very different music.


Author: @marcelys1 (Club5050)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-193637/@marcelys1/jueves-de-arte-los-colores-del-cielo-en-un-atardecer-cumanes-por-marcelys1
Chosen by: @janemorane


Some very nice pictures are presented in the following post, the author has captured the beauty of this golden sky very nicely and the golden effect of this golden hour on all the things around. The golden hour photography looks really nice and worth appreciation.


Author: @yulimar19 (Club5050)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-109427/@yulimar19/haciendo-capullos-de-rosas-rojas-con-tapas-recicladas-por-yulimar19
Chosen by: @nishadi89


The user has created an amazing design using bottle caps and a glass bottle. It would be very useful to create different designs using such waste materials. Her idea is really great.


Author: @emmybless (Club5050)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-197809/@emmybless/crafts-with-plastic-on-steem-skillshare-pen-pencil-case-and-flower-vase-by-emmybless
Chosen by: @jyoti-thelight


She made a very useful craft with waste plastic water bottles, Through this post, she has proven that disposable plastics can be put to good use. She also described well about making the craft step by step. I really appreciate her talent and effort.


Author: @humaidi (Club75)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-173434/@humaidi/club75-or-or-contest-or-writing-invitation-writing-is-an-art-or-phase-5-or-or-buy-some-clothes-to-prepare-for-eid-al-fitr-or-or
Chosen by: @shohana1


A very well-detailed post shows the author has some good writing skills through which he has shared a very nice moment of Eid preparations with us. Detailed written with proper pictures provided making it a good quality post.


Author: @ubongudofot (Club75)
Link To Post: https://steemit.com/hive-139765/@ubongudofot/art-creativity-making-of-shoping-handbag-or-or-by-ubongudofot
Chosen by: @eliany


This is an active author, designing a paper shopping steemitbag with hands, he is so creative in making this bags the designs are really beautiful, this actually bring to mind that a customized bag can be made by all steemians with regards to promoting steem and steemit in our locality.


PS: Some posts in the above selected top posts are expired, it would be great if they are encouraged for their hard work and vote on their other active posts.



@eliany (Club75) || @nishadi89 (Club75) || @cindycam (Club75)

@alena-vladi (Club5050)

@jyoti-thelight (Club75) || @shohana1 (Club100)

@janemorane (club75)

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Excellent weekly report on Curation Report Of @steemcurator04 by The Perfect Seven Arts Team...👍😊

Wishing you all success in carrying out the task of curating for the community.

Thank you so much friend your words means a lot to us ❤️

Kerja luar biasa dari tim SC04 dan selamat kepada semua rekan yang post nya terpilih, tetap berkarya yang terbaik di steemit

Wow, thank you very much for choosing my post, i am so grateful and encouraged. I hope to keep this custom of making art always.

And i must commend you all for all your hardworks , you all did great withing this one month of your role as curators.

And i wish you success in your future application.

Thank you so much, you see your hard work blooms into your success.
Keep up the good work dear!

I will, my friend😊. Thank you.

Que lindo! Me siento feliz por tu logro 😻 trabajas muy bien y mereces ser recompensado desde Venezuela te envío muchas felicidades

Thank you very much my friend

I am more than thankful for the appreciation I have gotten from this team for my work as this was my first digital art shared here and the level of confidence I get is immensible.

It really means something when your work is so much appreciated, this brings confidence and motivation for our next projects under these specific tags, rated down by these so supportive team members.

A special Thank you to the team lead @janemorane and her team.

thank you very much for choosing my post, and congratulations on all the best posts

You're welcome 😊

Thank you so much I really appreciate. I will do my best in creating more quality post

Keep on creating quality content dear.
Steem on!

Muchas gracias me siento feliz por el apoyo y la selección. Para mí es un placer crear , es algo que realmente amo y lo hago con todo el Amor.Dios me los Bendiga seguiré dando lo mejor de mi ..

Que honor, muchísimas gracias 🙈🙈

Realmente no puedo creer que mi publicación haya resaltado entre tanta gente.

Agradezco de verdad el apoyo

nice posts and good results of work! Thank you dear @janemorane for the report you made!

Wow great work done with great minds, I really appreciate this great team and our work, thank you Jane for your great effort we appreciate

Thank you so much, this report is the form of results which shows our hard work in making the curation the whole week.

Muchas gracias por la mención, es muy motivador y me hace feliz 🥰💖
Gracias y feliz día!

All a great job and where each selection has value. The publications always have something that characterizes them and where originality is found in the content.

As always, this time we selected and voted for the best posts, through this I hope we can look expect more quality and art-based posts on steemit, thank you @janemorane for this detailed weekly report .

Wow you create a verify brief and details report. I love it

Very Weldon janemorane
Your report is so brilliant
Congratulations to all members

You are doing marvelous work

We will take inspiration from you