Steem Greeters Tasks Report, and Curation With Steemcurator03/ October 15 to October 21

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Hello dear friends. Today I will show you the work done by me during this week in the Steem Greeters Team.

I am welcoming new Steemit users by inviting them to join the Newcomers community.

1.-Some users need to be guided through this process. I show you a table with guidelines and recommendations. Total 4.

2.-The Verifications actually carried out. Total 30 Achievements.

Achievement 17
Achievement 23
Achievement 38
Achievement 45
Achievement 52
Achievement 61

3.-The cures performed with the Steemcurator03 account, total 27.

I also simultaneously curated all those visited and verified with my @inspiracion account.

Below I show you the details of the guides made, as well as the files verified this week.

1. Guided on achievement tasks

1@frenmyn3RE: Mi logro #3 Protocolo de contenido por @frenmyn/ #Newcomers' Community20/10/2021
2@paty12343RE: Mi logro 3 @(Paty1234) Protocolo de contenido.20/10/2021
3@anellys1Logro 1 Mi presentacion oficial en steemit ¨I am invited by @torrealba2719 ¨20/10/2021
4@magnie121RE: Logro 1 nuestra presentación de steemit20/10/2021

2. Verifications

Achievement 1

1@luisalois6414/10/20211Logro #1 Mi presentacion por @luisalois64
2@luislugo21818/10/20211"Logro 1"
3@adriana2919/10/20211Logro 1 :) Mi presentación @adriana29
4@jorman0921/10/20211Logro 1 Mi presentación en la plataforma steemit por @jorman09
5@karocasta18/10/20211Logro# 1 Mi presentacion por @karocasta Error en las etiquetas en el primer dia. 18-10-2021
6@janeaugusto17/10/20211My self introduction to steemit
7@somzybeauty15/10/20211Achievement 1 introduction to steemit by @somzybeauty, hi!!!!

Achievement 2

1@judith6919/10/20212MI SEGUNDO LOGRO Seguridad básica en Steem.
2@asgharali118/10/20212Achievement2 Basic Security on Steemit by @asgharali1
3@ysabelgeorgina20/10/20212Logro 2 por @ysabelgeorgina consigna: Seguridad básica en Steemit.

Achievement 3

1@davidzara6617/10/20213Logro 3 por @davidzara - Consigna: Protocolo de Contenido
2@edwuimar0817/10/20213Logro #3: Protocolo de contenido: Por @edwimar08
3@karmena17/10/20213Logro 3 Por @karmena "Protocolo de Contenido"
4@saikamughal19/10/20213Achievement-3 Task:Content Etiquette
5@jaicelis16/10/20213mi logro 3 por @jaicelis /tarea de etiqueta de contenido/ (16-10.2021)
6@nadeem5815/10/20213Achievement 3 Task Content Etiquette by @nadeem58
7@yuraima6615/10/20213Logro 3 por @yuraima66 - Consigna: Protocolo de Contenido
8@frenmyn17/10/20213Mi logro #3 Protocolo de contenido por @frenmyn/ #Newcomers' Community

Achievement 4

1@blarkfavor19/10/20214Achievement 4 by @blarkfavor Task : Applying Markdowns"
2@yusneily17/10/20214Logro 4 por @yusneily - Consigna: Aplicando formatos
3@marcello7417/10/20214LOGRO 4 POR @marcello74 APLICANDO FORMATOS
4@karelis3314/10/20214LOGRO #4 por @karelis33 :Aplicando formatos
5@emmanuel5915/10/20214ACHIEVEMENT 4 TASK: APPLYING MARKDOWN BY @emmanuel59

Achievement 5

1@khendra18/10/20215-1REPOST Logro 5, consigna 1 por @khendra: Reseña
2@aglaide17/10/20215-3Logro #5 Tarea 3 por @aglaide! Consigna: Revise !

Achievement 6

1@jhont-dg17/10/20216Achievement 6 By @jhont-dg Task: Understanding Curation and Community

Task Compilation

1@luckybhai20/10/20211-6Compilation of Achievement task 1 to 6 by @luckybhai
2@ranaabdulhadi18/10/20211-6Compilation of Achievement Tasks 1 To 6 Completed by @ranaabdulhadi
3@ahsaniqbal13/10/20211-6Compilation Achievements 1 to 6 @ahsaniqbal : Task and summarize
4@muhammadzainijoi21/10/20211-6Kompilasi Postingan Tugas Pencapaian oleh @muhammadzainijoi

3. Post curated with Steemcurator03


separadorcurva - Copy.png

Thank you so much.


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