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Hi guys,

Hope you are doing well!

At first let me say thank you for all the generous support I am receiving from all of you.
I will do my best to continue sharing content you like and which is entertain for you.


Today I have prepared one short episode of my Tour de Slovenia series.
Time fly and I owe you that one still from the summer. We went in Prekmurje sometime in August and stayed on Tourist farm Firbas for three nights. Actually this tourist farm is located in Prlekija and not in Prekmurje, which I get to know only when they served dessert called »gibanica« and it was not the famous Slovenian dessert on the plate, but some other version. Then I realized that something isn’t right and I did a little research and talking and get to know a bit more of our beautiful country. Interesting right? I don't even know all the regions correctly, even thou Slovenia is a very small country. Still we did most of our trips over the river Mura, which is the »border« for Prekmurje (direct translation Prekmurje = Over Mura (– name of the river)).
That was my first visit of Prekmurje after school trips as this is in my opinion one of the less interesting parts of our country. I am more leaning towards the north where the Alps are, or South-West where we have small piece of seaside and of course West of our country which offer beautiful region of Posočje full of natural beauties.

This is also the first time, I can not fully recommend you to visit this place in Slovenia. I wasn't fully convinced that I like it. Probably it was a mix of everything following to this conclusion. It started with Tourist Farm which was OK, but nothing special. And the thing that bothered us the most was hospitality. I have to admit that I was disappointed with their attitude. Far too much »silent sale« or how could I call it. From the moment we arrived they started pushing that we should extend the booking as they just received cancellation of the client reserved behind us. Additionally the wanted us to cancel reservation made through agency and they will accept us without reservation in order to avoid commission, offering us welcome drink but charging for it at the end, etc. Also at our departure then was different rate then we have originally agreed and he wanted to meet on the middle with it. At the end all ended OK, but it left bitter taste in my mouth. Also Prekmurje is known by its good for and big portions of it. That is what we expected, but got quite small portions and when they were offering more, we once asked for it and get really tiny add up. And by the way they really were fully booked and are usually more or less fully booked whole season, so they are not doing bad business.
As the most positive thing I can point out, is their morning presentation of the farm. They gather all the kids and showed around the farm, including animal feeding and some other small farm jobs. At the end they were rewarded with tractor ride and picking up the corn which we baked after the dinner – for free :)

Well there were other positive sides of our travel as well for sure. Prekmurje is quite nice, but there is not that much to do and distances are again relatively big, so we were a bit limited having two kids who need to eat a lot and sleep a lot. We were doing one trip in the morning and one in the afternoon. The best thing was Soboško Jezero which is lake near the city Murska Sobota and the place is really well taken care of. They build an EXPO there to present the region. We didn’t go in for a tour as kids are still too young for that kind of things. But a very nice playground is in front and some of the people also went swimming in the lake.
We also went to the place called Love Island. A cute place, but nothing special. As I like water it was nice to be close to river Mura and to see a water mill, but the most famous one there was broken and wasn’t repaired for about a year by the time of our visit. Hopefully they will take care of that before next summer season. We also went to Ocean Orchid garden which is famous by its Orchids and is also a nice place, but without real added value.
Probably the most known thing in the region is a viewing tower called Vinarium located near city of Lendava, just on the border with Hungary and close to Croatia. Austria is also relatively close and is well visible from the tower. That is the specialty of it. Nice view which is possible due to many sunny days there and really flat landscape. They also had signs on it in which direction is which city and distance to it. Again I will say it is OK, but nothing more.

I can conclude that everything on this travel was just OK. So if you have extra time to spend, sure I will still recommend stopping in the Prekmurje region for a few days, but that wouldn’t be my first destination I would show you if you would be coming to a visit. With whole destination being only OK also my photos are not much more than that. They are OK, so you will be able to see the destination and to get an impression, but much is missing for a true inspiration :)









Work for the current Week/Conclusion
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Saturday 22/10/2021: Training at the office

See you around soon with another post, till than feel free to leave a comment below.
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