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hello to all Steem POD Team Admin,Moderators,Greeters and Country Representatives , I hope you guys are doing great over steemit.

Note :

You might be seeing many things which I post in my every Report. its because the things are still in progress and we are working over it on weekly basis.

So i have included 3 New things in this report and concluded others downward.

Lets get started with my Report !

For the Promotion of Steemit as A Country Representative of Pakistan:

Links to Posts I have Used in my Report.

Posts from My Account:

Posts from Steemit-pak Account.

Below are the Things I have included in my report.

  1. Upvote Reports
  2. Club5050 User Reports
  3. Steemit-Pak Powerups
  4. Meeting Arrangements
  5. Managing Finance side of Steemit Pakistan
  6. Pitching Ideas with Team
  7. Our Work as a Team of Steemit Pakistan
  8. Strategies and Our Focus
  9. Promotion of Steemit in Universities For Crypto Academy
  10. Office Finalization
  11. Beneficiary to Steemit-pak
  12. Users Activity Monitoring (Revival of Dormant Users)
  13. Charity Work @pak-charity
  14. Steemit Pakistan Community Themes
  15. Steemit-Pak Continuous Upvoting
  16. Steemit Assets Ready For Sale
  17. Meetings with Haidermehdi For Tier Upgradation
  18. Curation and Upvote Statistics

Upvote Reports


As a Country Representative me and my team is continously trying our best to help out our community members.
There must be a question in your mind why i do support members inside community. Because we have set criteria through which we are going to help only verified users otherwise there are lots of People who are doing reward farming.

We have moderators and our community members are actively noticing any unethical/unusual activities so its easy for us to take care of that.

This week i have made a Upvote Report

Also, i have given steemit-pak access to my Team so incase I miss anyone to curate they can do upvotes.

Club5050 User Reports


As a new initiative i have been working over with the reports

Following are the reports :

Important Notice for Club5050

Club5050 User's Report - Wallet Date Range From 8-15th October

Steemit-pak PowerUps


We are keen to boost up @steemit-pak so we have initialized Daily PowerUP,

i have been managing the daily Powerups and from now on i would be using #5050club Tag on that posts.

Below are the posts

Steemit-pak 200 Steem Powered Up (Day - 1)
Steemit-pak 300 Steem Powered Up (Day - 2)
Steemit-pak 300 Steem Powered Up (Day - 3)
Steemit-pak 300 Steem Powered Up (Day - 4)
Steemit-pak 300 Steem Powered Up (Day - 5)

This Week's

Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 6)
Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 7)
Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 8)
Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 9&10)
Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 11)
Steemit-pak 400 Steem Powered Up (Day - 12)

Meeting Arrangements


The meeting was successfull !


Managing Finance side of Steemit Pakistan


Financial management is very important in any case, So as a Team member i have been working over with Finance of @steemit-pak so that we can judge how much we can powerup and how much we are paying in terms of Contests and prize distributions

See Our wallet !


Pitching Ideas with Team


We are figuring out how we can enhance our existing System inside community, We are trying to find out how we can empower our Subscribers and active users so that they can enjoy all around with us.

We want our Active users to get most out of it

Our Work as a Team of Steemit Pakistan


Steemit Pakistan as can be seen is the main Community of all Pakistani's, Though as working over physical events i was quite busy but with the help of my Team members @event-horizon @vvarishayy @haidermehdi @salmanwains we are successful in Increasing the Active members of Steemit Pakistan

Statistics of Steemit Pakistan [Official Community of Pakistan]

Active Users240+
Community Account SP49K
Active Delegators50+
Steem Distributions100+/week

Strategies and Our Focus


Our Main focus is to ensure that our each and every hardworking community member should get rewarded either with the minimum Upvote.

Our Goal is maximize the effective Steem Power of Steemit-pak so that we can become a bit independent to support each and every active member.For the Increase in effective Steem Power together with my team we are doing uttermost efforts and meetings and the result is Open to All.

We have increase 7-8K Effective Steem Power in just 1 Week which shows the trust we have build with our community members.

Promotion of Steemit in Universities For Crypto Academy


We are now planning to promote steemit to Students as the Students are the future

Lets bring many Talented Students onboard so that we can also use them voluntarily on Crypto Academy.

Office Finalization


Still working over it.

Beneficiary to Steemit-pak


In order to boost our Community Curator Account we have enabled a rule of setting beneficiary. The Reasons are explained in my previous Post.

See Here

Main point is :
We have given our best to community Members now its their time to show patriotism towards our community.

Users Activity Monitoring


The bot is Ready, all we have to do is give list of usernames to it and it will tell us whether the user is active/inactive and last post day

Also I feel glad to announce that from 120 Active users we have reached 170+ in just 2-3 days due to tireless efforts of our Team.

Charity Work @pak-charity


We have successfully collaborated with different Charity organization in Pakistan so to help needy people. With the help of Donations we all can join hands to help the needy people.
Also, we are trying to make it active so you will surely see @pak-charity active from now on.

Steemit Pakistan Community Themes


For more activity/Engagement we have made themes with the help of our Team members we decided to make 3 days Theme Based Rewarding.

  1. Monday Crypto
  2. Tuesday Reviews
  3. Wednesday Education

Steemit-Pak Continuous Upvoting


We are trying our level best to Upvote each and every active and verified member. We have seen different new users coming up from different communities. However we cannot force anyone to Work with us but those who are working with us they know how much we care for them.

Unfortunately due to less resources we cannot fulfill the desires of many people but those who are active are getting upvotes daily through @steemit-pak

Assets Ready For Sale


I have been working over making assets for the promotion of Steemit Some of them are as following

  • Steemit Masks.
  • Steemit Water Bottle.
  • Steemit Caps.

Meetings with Haidermehdi For Tier Upgradation


Steemit Pakistan is one of the most active communities of Steemit with active users 130+ even with low support we have achieved it to a great extent and continuously working over to enhance our progress. We are continuously working over to get Good Tier in Community Support Program.

Curation and Upvote Report Statistics:


New User Joined this Week10
Curated New Users10
Guided Users4
Curation through Steemcurator074

Here's The New comer's Report

Steemit Pakistan Footer 1.png


Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

50 SP100 SP200 SP300 SP400 SP500 SP
1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP

Country Representative,

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