Country Representative Pakistan - Weekly Curation Report!

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Hey there everyone, Hope you all are great. I am quite sure everyone is happy :)

This is Haidermehdi, Country representative Pakistan. And i am back here after a long time. This time to present the curation report that i have done this week. Both, with my own account and with @Steemcurator07.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Curation with Own Account

I do my voting everyday to make sure that i don't get off the track, stay active as a CR and this month particularly i voted for #club5050 #club75 and #club100 posts. I did everything possible to support club5050 members. I even designed a post explaining all these clubs!

New Clubs Introduced || Club5050 - Club75 - Club100 || FAQs || Steemit Pakistan Offers!


Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Curation with Sc07 Account

I did my best to vote for users that are club5050 eligible. And here are the voting records!


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Good work partner 👍

Thankyou so much :))❤️❤️

#club5050 😀