My Weekly Report ( 17/12/2021 to 22/12/2021 ) As a greeter and Curator in Newcomers Community

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Time flies really fast and you wont believe its already 7 days now. SO as a greeter in Newcomers community, I have to make a record of all the new people I welcomed and greeted. I am also a curator for the African team using steemcurator04. Here is my record for the two of them


Achievement 1


Total Achievement 1 Posts Greeted and Verified with @steemcurator03 = 16


Achievements 2 - 6


Total Achievements 2-6 Posts Greeted and Curated with @steemcurator03 = 10

All Achievement posts Greeted and Curated with SC03 = 26


Posts Curated with @steemcurator04

We use the SC04 in rotation among the 4 Nigerian CR's. It was my turn to use it within the last 7 days. Here are the accounts I was able to support with it.

Supported with SC04


Total posts supported with @steemcurator04 = 10

I will make another post next week to show my greeter and curation work. I thank all the team members for the hardwork everyone puts in to welcome and verify newcomers. I wish us all the best.

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