Weekly Report as Representative of Bangladesh || (09.10.2021-15.10.2021) || Had An Investigation Last Week || Powered Up 307 steem

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Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well by the grace of Almighty. Now I am going to present my report of the weekly (09.10.2021-15.10.2021) activities as a country representative of Bangladesh.

"Activities in communities"

  • Steeming Community: I picked the top posts for booming suggestion last Thursday.

  • Cric World: I checked plagiarism, guide new users within this community. Also, I curated the quality posts with the regional curation account.


  • Steem Sports: I hosted one power up-related contest, check plagiarism, picked up the best cricket post, and suggested for booming support. I also announced the result of the previous contest this week.


"Activities as a Greeter"


Greeter stats, Link

My main job in the newcomer's community is to verify the Achievement 1/Introduction post and the final review of the Achievement 1-6 on the Compilation task post.

Achievement 106
Pro Newcomer02

I welcomed them and mentioned some communities they can be interested in. I also guided them to the next achievement tasks and how they can be successful in this ecosystem. Besides that, I can also verify the achievement 2-6 from all the countries.

Achievement 202
Achievement 302
Achievement 402
Achievement 502
Achievement 601

"Activities as a Curator"


Curation stats, Link

Usually, I get the opportunity to curate with @steemcurator03 twice a week. I always try to curate as many posts as I can. Below I am attaching the list of curation reports.

Achievement 113
Achievement 205
Achievement 304
Achievement 406
Achievement 504
Achievement 603
Pro Newcomer06
Total Curated Posts41

"Curation Using @steemcurator07"


Curation stats, Link

Usually, The CRs from Bangladesh got the chance to curate all the active users from Bangladesh 2 days each week (Thursday and Friday) with the @steemcurator07 account. Last week, I have curated 29 posts Including diary-game, contests, photography, etc. Below I am attaching the list of that curation report.

WeekPost LinkNo.
02Weekly Curation Report29

"My Contests"

To increase engagement in the communities, I have organized three contests ongoing in three different communities. All the contests are getting a good response from the members of those communities. Besides that, I am organizing daily comment and photography contests on behalf of the steeming community.

ContestPrize PoolResult
Power Up contest 15.5 steemOngoing.

"Power Up"


My account stats, Link

This week 307.138 sp has been added to my wallet. Also, I have a mindset to contribute more and more to build up the communities. I have delegated a great amount of my steem power to different communities.

Previous WeekThis WeekIncreased
2,856.308 sp sp3,163.446 sp307.138 sp



I did a reseach on the recent BTT scam on the steemit that happened last week.
Here is the post link: Click

"Curation Using Own Profile"

I always try to curate as many posts as I can. Below I am attaching the curation stats of my personal profile.


CSI stats, Link


Outgoing Voting Reports, Link

I am trying my best for the growth of this platform and its communities. Please pardon me if I make any mistakes. Keep me in your prayers.


Best Regards.

I am @boss75

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