Curation Report, Team #4 / Week #4

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Greetings fellow Steeminians.

Image Created By @nadeesew

It has been a pleasure for team #4 to have completed another week of curation, where we were able to enjoy good content and appreciate the commitment of most users to grow their accounts and support the Steem currency by getting involved in the #burnsteem25 dynamic, this fourth week meant we were able to see better looking posts, which is a sign that users are improving in terms of content creation, management and organization.

All the publications that we have reviewed and supported, we have done so taking into account the suggested standards or rules, such as:

  • Be original, since plagiarism of content is not accepted.
  • Be integrated in one of the investment clubs, that is to say, that at least 50%, 75% or 100% of its rewards are activated.
  • The content must be exclusive to Steemit
  • Show good activity on the platform

It is our responsibility to give details of what has been this week of healing by the team, which reflects the effort made to reach more publications of good quality, randomly visiting the different publications that have been shared in this period.

Without further ado, here is a summary presented by "categories" of what was the third week of Team #4 curation

During the period from 09/23/2022 to 09/29/2022 we were able to support 174 publications and 10 good quality comments, for this, we had the dedication to visit the different tags and communities in order to cover a greater diversity of content and / or users, below is a summary table of content and comments supported per day.

N° of Publications Supported: 174
N° of Comments Supported: 10

Below is the summary of support by content type, with #thediarygame remaining the most used hashtag, followed by #challenge #lifestyle and #challenge.

We continue to share the summary of important information, showing now the number of users by "nationality" that were supported by the team during this period.

To finish with the curation summary, we present the different communities that were visited and supported thanks to the willingness we had to randomly search for good quality content, in total there were 31 communities that received the support of team #4, among them, 1 category that is not represented as an established community was supported.

As requested by the Steemit team, we present the 5 publications of the week, which were considered for the quality of their content and presentation.

Top 5 Selected Publications Of The Week

Selection N° 1:

Post: THE DIARY GAME. Temporada III. FECHA 24/09/2022. Domingo de celebración en familia. / Author: @elisilva05 / Status Club: #Club100

Selected by: @nadiaturrina
Opinion: It is a publication with interesting content where She shares posts of happy family diary games. She told the story while celebrating the 84th birthday of Mrs. Toca, her children's great-grandmother. In each photo, She puts up a suitable picture accompanied by a description. Plagiarism-free posts. She's also on #club5050, and his post support is #burnsteem25..

Selection N° 2:

Post: Activities Of The day # Shopping and lunch after health recovered #28nd SEP, 2022 / Author: @pathanapsana / Status Club: #Club100

Selected by: @deepak94
Opinion: The author follows club100 and shared a diary about how they expand their entire day. The author shared a few photos of everyone shopping at the mall and then enjoying a delicious meal with her husband, as well as a nice presentation of her publication.

Selection N° 3:

Post: The Diary Game 24/09/2022 : A sports and follow-up Weekend! / Author: @majerius / Status Club: #Club100

Selected by: @ubongudofot
Opinion: The User was so Natural in narrating how he spent his day. He wasn't actually looking for what to say in other to complete his write up. One thing that interest me in this content is the heading format used by this user. Unfortunately, many users don't know how to write a proper haeding for a diary game or any other content, some rather made thier unnecessarily long, but this user made his to be very brief. I will call this a short gun. Hopefully, this will help others to imitate..

Selection N° 4:

Post: The Diary Game, 24 de Septiembre de 2022 / Entre hermosas Rosas / Author: @leka25 / Status Club: #Club100

Selected by: @nadeesew
Opinion: The user follows #club100 and has explained his day in detail. All images presented in the post are original and the content is free of plagiarism. He has not used any bot votes for the posts. Overall it has been a good quality presentation, so it deserves to be considered a good post of the day.

Selection N° 5:

Post: The Diary Game 23/09/2022 Día de Celebración por mi primer Delfin / Author: @mvchacin / Status Club: #Club75

Selected by: @adeljose
Opinion: a publication where you can see the user's enthusiasm for having reached the 5K of Steem Power, celebrating with his family a nice walk and tasting a dolphin-shaped cookie. Quality can be seen in the presentation of the content where the organization of a good text is mixed with good photographs.

This concludes the fourth curation report of team #4 for the September period. We reiterate our thanks to the Steemit team for giving us the opportunity to support good content.

We are at your disposal for any questions or comments.

To learn more about our management, please click here

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Thanks for being together for four weeks. I have learned many things from the members of Team 4. Hopefully, one day we can be in a team again. I congratulate @nadeesew @adeljose @deepak94 @ubongudofot for a new assignment with the new Team in october. I believe, you will definitely give your best as the month of September. I will really miss this team. 🥳🥳🥳

Greetings friend @nadiaturrina

I also enjoyed being part of this team, it was my first time working in a healing system with friends from other countries and the truth is that it was very useful. It was a pleasure to work with you, I wish you success in future occasions.

Thanks for the wise word and support, @adeljose

Thank you very much nadia, it was a pleasure working you..

Thanks it's a nyc journey with you my friend. We work with good understanding 😉 and this is what is needed to improve this platform that we all understand each other and do our work sincerely. I wish you success in your upcoming future goals.

Thanks for the support
Wish all the best for us

Thank you for another good report.

Thank you for your support.

Would you like me to provide you with a summary through a publication?

Los felicito por el excelente trabajó que realizó el equipo de curaduría está semana en apoyar y leer las diferentes actividades realizadas por los usuarios en la distintas comunidades. Es para mí un orgullo ser parte de este top 5 dónde obtuve la calificación que realmente merezco.

De igual manera felicito al resto de mis compañeros seleccionados por calidad de contenido. Continuemos trabajando de esta manera. Felíz tarde para Todos 🙏

Saludos amiga @elisilva05

Hubo una buena cantidad de publicaciones de buena calidad durante ésta semana, siendo la suya una de ellas, felicidades por ello, sigue así.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Muchísimas gracias, me siento motivada a seguir creando contenido de calidad.

Que tengan un excelente fin de semana!

Gracias por la selección. Bendiciones.

Felicidades, espero que sigas compartiendo sus buenos contenidos en la plataforma.

It was a grwat experience working with this team..., and i have nothing to say than thank you for all the training and great experience..., Congratulations to all the selected posts...

Gracias Amigos!!

Greetings my friend @ubongudofot

It has been a very good experience, I am sure we have done a good job. L It was a pleasure working with you, I wish you success in your role as team leader.

Oh thank you so much for selecting me🥲 I'm so honoured! Thank you so much for the kind words on my post @ubongudofot and @adeljose for this amazing post

Greetings my friend @majerius

We appreciate your good work, I hope you continue to show that quality in your community,

For sure i will🙏🏾

Thank you very much for inviting me.@adeljose.

Greetings friend @pathanapsana

We are just highlighting some of the good work, I hope you keep sharing good quality content.