Weekly Report as Country Representative of Bangladesh | (01.11.2021-07.11.2021)

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Weekly Report


Greetings to all Steemians. This is a weekly report of my activity as a Country Representative of Bangladesh. I always try my best to guide and encourage the Steemians from Bangladesh to actively participate in this great platform.

Activity in Newcomer's Community

I, with my fellow CRs @tarpan, @boss75 and @sm-shagor, am working actively to greet newcomers and curate the achievements in Newcomer's Community. I've curated a total of 30 achievements week.



We, the Country Representatives of Bangladesh, always encourage the members to create qualityful contents. We also show them the way to improve the quality of their posts. I always try to comment on some of their posts everyday and appreciate their contents. I also help them correct their mistakes, if they have made any.

Curation Using Regional Account

I use the regional curation account @steemcurator07 to encourage and appreciate the quality contents of our members. While curating, I mainly focus on "The Dairy Game", "My Town in 10 Pictures", "Creative Writing", "Review" etc. I've curated a total of 30 posts with @steemcurator07 in the last week.



I always try to increase activity and quality posts in our community. Organizing contests is one of the best ways to do so. So, every week I try to organize several contest and all of those are focused on writing.

Contest: Write a Short Story Taken From Your Life (Sports Edition)FinishedResult11.5 Steem
Write a Short Story Taken From Your Life (Childhood Edition)Ongoing12.5 Steem


The voting CSI (based on the last 7 days) of my account is 13.9 with 0.00% selfvote. A total of 89 upvotes were cast to 66 different accounts.


Weekly PowerUp & Sponsoring in SPUD4STEEM

I try my best to power up every week. I also try to encourage others to power up their earnings. That's why I am a regular sponsor of SPUD4STEEM to promote this special "powering up" campaign.

Weekly Powerup45 Steem


Though I have joined club5050 two weeks ago, I've been disqualified by the new rules of club5050. I'm going to join club5050 again this week by fulfilling all the requirments.

I'm ending this report by thanking all the Steemians, especially the Steemit Team.

Best regards
Country Representative of Bangladesh

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