Weekly Report of Greeting & Curating With @steemcurator03 in Newcomers Community

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Weekly Curation Report


Last week, I had three curation sessions with @steemcurator03 in Newcomer's Community. I've curated a total of 30 Achievements this week.

Here is the list of posts that I curated with @steemcurator03.

Curation List

1Achievement 1Post Link
2Achievement 1Post Link
3Achievement 1Post Link
4Achievement 1Post Link
5Achievement 1Post Link
6Achievement 1Post Link
7Achievement 1Post Link
8Achievement 1Post Link
9Achievement 1Post Link
10Achievement 1Post Link
11Achievement 1Post Link
12Achievement 2Post Link
13Achievement 2Post Link
14Achievement 2Post Link
15Achievement 2Post Link
16Achievement 2Post Link
17Achievement 2Post Link
18Achievement 2Post Link
19Achievement 2Post Link
20Achievement 2Post Link
21Achievement 2Post Link
22Achievement 2Post Link
23Achievement 2Post Link
24Achievement 6Post Link
25Achievement 6Post Link
26Achievement 6Post Link
27Achievement 6Post Link
28Achievement 6Post Link
29Achievement 6Post Link
30Achievement 6Post Link

Here is the summary of this weekly report-

CuratedAchievement 1Achievement 2Achievement 3
Achievement 4Achievement 5Achievement 6

Thank You

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