First time grilling Australian Grain Fed Beef Ribs on the Big Green Egg! Grilling season 2020 is open!

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A couple of weeks ago I bought Australian Grain Fed Beef Ribs at Makro.

I never prepared Beef Ribs before on the Egg but have watched a ton of videos about how to cook them on youtube for years.

To open the grilling season 2020 I decided to prepare them today.

I got up early and fired up the green egg around 10 am.

While it was heating up I prepared the beef ribs. I went for a light mustard coating and a 50/50 coarse pepper/salt rub.




Added some smoking wood to the egg and put in the conveggtor plate. Put in a water pan. Temp steady at 110 Celcius. Time: 11am.


Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 20.38.21.png

After 4 hours I opened the grill. Measured temp 71c. I decided to wrap the ribs in aluminum foil for the rest of the cook.


6 hours into the cook the temp reached 93-94 degrees and I took them off.


Wrapped them in a cloth (with the foil) and stuck them in a cooler to rest for 1.5 hours.


At 6:30 pm it was time to eat. I took the ribs from the cooler and unwrapped them.



The Payoff!


I was very happy how they turned out for the first time. A nice smoke ring and all the fat had rendered nicely.

The taste, incredible!

It was more than enough for me and Bianca. These ribs are intense and fill you up rapidly.

Things to improve on for next time is the bark. I like the salt/pepper combo because it's clean and you can taste the meat but spreading the rub more evenly should result in a more even bark next time. I also wanna add a bit more heat, I think that could work well. Maybe some Cayenne.

But all in all, these things are not to be scared of anymore. Very doable! It takes time and patience but 100% worth it.

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They look great!
Australian beef is the best beef. Though at the moment, it might come pre-smoked due to the bushfires.

Lmao this guy... xD

Man, when it comes to cooking meat, you're a master of the craft. That looks so yummy, I could smell the thing while scrolling. I'm sure the taste was incredible!

Thanks! But far from being a master yet, there is so much to learn about this stuff.

@exyle! What's going on? We miss your regular video's and posts ^^ Did you give up on steem? (or at least posting) Since you've stopped making those videos it became a lot more tedious for me to keep up with the latest development :)

Anyways, hope you're doing well. And let me know if you found another interesting project over Steem that's worth looking into. Cheers!!

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Hey man, giving up on Steem! lol, never! This thing is only getting started. My vision for Steem is still the same.

Thanks for saying that about the videos. That's nice of you.

I have taken a small break from content creation to recharge.

The quietness before the (potential upcoming) storm seemed a perfect time to do so. I expect lots of things to change around here.

I am still on Steem every day though. Playing Splinterlands and trading STEEM/tokens on Steem-engine and of course following the latest development.

You can always find me on discord too if you want to ask me stuff.

That is what I want to hear. Recharge brother cause when you are back #steem should be half way past the moon.
Take care

Nice to hear that! I wish you a good rest and a quick return!


Fully agree, missing your stuff and sending an invite for a European meetup for next Friday.
We have beer and food and as well BBQ available if someone like to use it

He's busy supporting this guy on some MLM-style dapp that will give you votes for simply posting you joined.

But hey, new activity!

Epic ribs!! Free range too? there more like cutlets than ribs 🤣

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Not sure if they are Free Range but considering they are Australian I assume so.

Anyways, the taste is always the tell tale sign.. thinking of them again brings back the hunger 😝

It looks so delicious! I liked this recipe. I think my friends will be delighted with beef ribs for this recipe!

That looks so good thanks for sharing. Happy New year to you and your family !trdo

that's nicely done green egg back into the business :)

Look at that, it is a thing of beauty i swear.

Damn loooks amazing. Still would love to get myself an egg but this bear market has been brutal ! Regardless, my mouth is watering even after I just ate dinner

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Thanks and yeah this bear is brutal indeed. Let's hope for a turn around in 2020! happy new year btw man.

happy new year to you too. missed ya at @steemfest this past year, hope to see ya at 5!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Those look fantastic! I use Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and some smoked Cayenne.

I use the exact same approach. The key is to let them rest for at least and hour- this lets the meat relax. It also gives you wiggle room if the cook goes a little longer than planned. But they are well worth the wait.

You are going to have to find some Canadian beef to compare. 🧐

Resting indeed is the most forgotten part of any cook, yet probably one of the most important things you can do for a better result, whether it's a simple steak or a slow cook.

I'm gonna add a bit of Cayen next time too for a bit more heat.

I have no idea where to find Canadian Beef...:/

Hehe, I now own more coolers for "resting" than I do for keeping things cool.

If you are looking for Canadian beef, always look for Alberta Beef. At least when I am in the US, I've never seen it branded as Canadian beef, I've only seen it listed as Alberta beef. (Alberta is a province of Canada)


Great and delicious 😋😋

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Sounds and and looks awesome! I'd love to play around with an Egg, but can't have a charcoal grill on my balcony :-\ what are your experiences with the Egg in general?

I have the Egg for a few years now and I love it.

Usually anytime you wrap them in foil like that you are going to have to sacrifice the bark a little bit. The moisture that builds up inside to keep them tender and juicy will also make your bark a little mushy. I have always wanted to try to smoke some beef ribs like that. If I ever get my hands on some I will probably try them in the Instant pot first and then finish them on the grill.

I'm hungry.

Looks great! I think Aussie beef is coming pre-smoked now....

lol man...but let's hope the situation sort itself out soon.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)


8 days no post what's up?

Hello, @exyle ,
long time no post.

Is everything alright?
I was worrying if everything is okay with you.

Hope to see your post soon.

Happy new year! :)

Thanks for asking, everything is fine man! Happy new year!

We miss you :D

I probably can eat the whole thing in one sitting! Send some to Vegas for me 😂😂😂😂

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Lol, I don't think they get better on the flight :)

Looking forward to your next vlog, its been too long lol!

You need more DERANGED (5 DERANGED is needed to send 1 DERANGED a day)

looks really good.

Now im hungry :D

Proper-sized ribs those! I'm not usually a fan due to there being more bone than meat - you can't say that here!

Stopping by to check all is well? Happy New Year I hope!

Looks delicious !
You just posting on your community now?

Hi @exyle ,

Did you left Steemit?? I am missing your blogs..

I hope to see you back soon.

Kind regards,


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