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hello all friends, wherever friends are, hopefully friends are still in good health always and always in the protection of the almighty god, and on this occasion I want to share a post about my small business, and as usual I want to discuss about the shop that I manage, maybe I haven't had time to post for a week because I'm very busy.

well for today I also want to promote some of the items in my shop, and if you want to shop for ingredients for your daily needs, you can go directly to my shop, because here you can accept payments via IDR, STEEM, and SBD.

Well for today I have withdrawn some SBD to IDR, maybe it's not that much price, so I can add some other items, for my shop needs, or for my capital.




for today I have entered several shop items, and previously I also entered nyan, and I didn't have time to post, and for today I have additional funds from the disbursement of SBD to IDR, and these are some of the items I enter, to enter my items always enter every two days, if the item has been sold out, and I turn the capital so that the profit gets bigger, and these are some of the items that I put in today.

some shop items i added today

  • five packs of chicken eggs :210,000 IDR /30 steem/2 SBD.

  • snacks : 120.000 IDR / 15 Steem /1SBD.

  • Baby equipment : 200,000 IDR / 28 steem / 2 SBD.

  • Two sacks of sugar : 600,000 IDR / 84 steem / 6 SBD.

  • 5 sacks of rice : 700,000 IDR / 98 steem / 7 SBD.

  • toiletries. 200 RP / 26 Steem / 2 SBD.

  • total spend today = 2000.000/ 280 Steem / 20 SBD.

Those are some of the items I added to the shop today, maybe this is a pretty hefty amount compared to a few weeks ago, and you can see that I've equated them with the Indonesian currency Steem, Sbd, and hopefully all of these items are easy to sell.

and that's it for today and hopefully we can meet next time, and after a few days, I will also continue to update or promote about sales in my shop.




So for all of you friends, you can shop at my store, and here you can accept payments via Rp. Steem and SBD, you can see the location below.

Jalan Hakim Kreung Pasee Syamtalira Aron Aceh -urata Indonesia.

Business NameUD Sumber Jaya
Owners name@suhadi
Business addressAceh-utara indonesia
Price OF Goodsdepending on what you want to buy
About meClick here

that's my post on this happy occasion, and if there is something impolite I apologize and if something is unclear, you can comment below and thank you for your time.

Gretings From Me @suhadi



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@suhadi , What a joy, that your business is thriving, that you can use earnings for your own business investment.

It is important as you show it, to add the prices in your local currency, as well as in steem and sbd. in this way customers can have a price ideas to handle.

Please get in touch via Discord with me:
cindycam # 3361


thank you very much, I have joined discord

It is good to know that you are using Steemit's earnings to supply your business, keep it that way. Blessings.

It is a pleasure to know and see the growth that your business has had, for your next publications show part of your earnings from your wallet and make the conversion in your local currency.

Congratulations on your focus and organization in your business.

Siempres es bueno ver como los negocios de nuestros compañeros son prósperos. Me encantaría ver tiendas así en mi ciudad. Espero que pornto.

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