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Hello business activity friends, meet again withPutry Tapas Olshop who sells various kinds of goods online, we provide children's and adult fashion such as clothes, bags, sandals, hijab and various other accessories.

For tonight I will again promote some very beautiful, luxurious, high quality and latest models of cellphone cases, of course, which are available in my online store, for case prices are also very cheap and vary from 35,000-50,000 prices, for product quality is very guaranteed , because the product is from abroad, payment can be made via Idr, Steem and also sbd.

Available for all hp models

  • Oppo
  • realme
  • Redmi
  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Vivo


For delivery services, we choose the JNT courier service because it is guaranteed, safe and fast until at least 1-2 days to arrive, for postage prices still within the Aceh area, it has returned to normal, only 13,000 and for outside Aceh the postage price is according to the location where you live.

For those of you who live close to me, still in the area (Tanah Pasir) you can pick up your order directly at my house, or if I have time I can deliver it to your house for free.

And here are some case motifs that I want to promote tonight.

Code 1

50.000 IDR/15.5 Steem/1.22 Sbd

Code 2

35.000 Idr/11 Steem/0.900 Sbd

Code 3

35.000 Idr/11 Steem/0.900 Sbd

Code 4

35.000 Idr/11 Steem/0.900 Sbd

Code 5

50.000 Idr/15.5 Steem/1.22 Sbd

Code 6

35.000 Idr/11 Steem/0.900 Sbd

Code 7

35.000 Idr/11 Steem/0.900 Sbd

All models have beautiful motifs and new colors and unique looks, high quality soft materials, it all depends on your choice and taste.

For all friends who are interested, you can directly contact me for further questions, contact me at the contact listed below, and for those who want to see other items, please visit our FB, every day we offer the newest, cheapest, of course.

Thank you and happy shopping


My address
Address : Keutapang Village
District : Tanah Pasir, North Aceh.

Contact me
FB : Putry Tapas(Olshop)
WA : 082272763848
Discord : pecintabunga20#1413

Bussiness:Online Shop (Putry Tapas Olshop)
User Name:@pecintabunga20
Owner's name:Putri Zulaina
Location:Tanah Pasir, Aceh,Indonesia.
About Us:Link presentation

Greetings @pecintabunga20

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This article is below the standard of the #fintech theme, we hope you'd come up with a quality fiance or technology article next time.
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Thank you very much for the promotional work regarding the cases of different models, very beautiful for sale and for the associated costs.


Perhaps in this or in your next post you can further expand the description of each mobile phone case, to increase the interest of the reader and customer.

Remember that the content must be amazingly interesting and comprehensive in writing.

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