Participants and Winners | Invite potential businesses and entrepreneurs to introduce themselves to our community. | 80 STEEM IN PRIZES!!

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In our first community contest we have had two entries and 7 new businesses. So both participants are winners and will take a good part in STEEM I hope they can use it to boost their Steem Power.

@felyess@jessiescake - Inviting new entrepreneurs to the community.
@glass13@Creacionesglass - Invitando a nuevos emprendedores a la comunidad.

New business

All the businesses below are authentic and have been verified, we have contacted and spoken with the owners to verify the information.

No.Business namePresentation
1La Muñeca Plc Bassquell c.aPresentación oficial para la comunidad Business Activity
2IKIGAI COFFEE DESINGMi Presentación ante Business Activity
3Colores y respuestos Barcelona C.AMi presentación oficial para la comunidad de business activity.
4Academia_adagioMi presentación a business activity
5Distribuidora de HerbalifePresentación de mi emprendimiento para la comunidad business Activity
6Astral_J1Presentación de mi emprendimiento para la comunidad business Activity
7Mamina sugarPresentación de mi emprendimiento, para la comunidad de Business Activity


1st place🏆
2nd place🏅
30 STEEM - @felyess
18 STEEM - @glass13

The accumulated Steem of the other places will be divided equally, 16 Steem for each one.


20% of the rewards of this publication go to @businessactivity

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congratulations to all the winners thank you for bringing new investors to the blockchain we continue to grow.

Congratulations to the participants and winners, who were given the task of bringing new investors to steemit.

Congratulations girls, it is nice to know that you have been deserving of these awards.

Thanks for the opportunity to win steem to increase my voting power. Happy for this great achievement. 🌟

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, we hope that they continue to grow as companies and that they continue to attract investors to the community and the platform.

Graciiiias. Espero seguir invitando empendedores a nuestra comunidad.
Felicidades a mi compañera @felyess

Bendiciones amigos.

congrats to the winners

Congratulations to the winners

I am very happy that more companies have joined, I was reviewing the publications and I found a great variety of companies. My best wishes to all.