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At @BusinessActivity we work for the growth of the community and Blockchain Steem, we are very happy to see all the evolution and unstoppable growth that we have had so far, all the team are deeply grateful to the entrepreneurs and companies who daily publish their publications, they are doing a great job Congratulations!

The progress of companies and entrepreneurs shows that it is necessary to motivate, guide and publicize the functioning of the steem ecosystem, to give way to what will be its full development. This will happen by itself, once the investor is clear about their working method, attractive in the presentation of each of their posts and of course the incorporation of payment methods, which are an important part of the entire start-up process continues. Prioritizing the direction of your work, as an investor and for the client.

Today we want to make it much clearer that improving the quality of each of your work will result in the attraction of an exceptional audience and excellent rewards, do not always forget to give your personal touch to your business, position your brand wherever you are; start from there, build your sustainability.

Here is a summary of the most outstanding companies and entrepreneurs of the week:

🔸Design and manufacture.

Business name:@Shanadesign
Owner's name:@Shanadesign
Business address:Medellín, Colombia

Renovation of a plants- línea art

Demonstrating once again the different techniques that we can achieve to give life to our garments.

Business name:Arsyila Tailor
Owner's name:@nurfiana
Business address:Indonesia.

Promoting several models of children's clothes and adult clothes can accept payments vía IDR, Steem, SBD

Showing an excellent line of exclusive pieces of his brand for adults and children using fabrics with beautiful design.

🔸 Design, decoration and renovation of spaces with natural plants.

Business name:@Cactusgens
Owner's name:@gensequini
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Today we will talk about: breaking down the prices of each of our products or at least some of them.

Detailing each of the costs of their products based on their local currency sbd and steam, locating us in detail measurements and specifications of their arrangements. Visually approaching the client to the different presentations and combinations of the plants.

🔸Martial arts training.

Business name:Free Karate System Association Venezuela
Owner's name:@maestroaslkv
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Approval of titles in the Aslkv

It is a successful and teaching method, as the academy manages to level up its students by assigning them different belts according to the color, is the level in which they are.

🔸Business training - Service to the public.

Business name:Barista Academy
Owner's name:@daniellozada
Business address:Lecheria, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

were invited to the final kitchen evaluation of a gastronomic school recognized in our city.

Providing them with excellent material and this time they tell us about a visit they had to a gastronomic school as a jury for an end of year

🔸 Pastry shop.

Business name:jessie'scake
Owner's name:@felyess
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Function of the utensils I use for pastry work.

There is no detail of the tools used to facilitate the work of your enterprise, in addition to that, they do not show several of their work that they did this week.

Business name:Heidy Pastry
Owner's name:@heidyps2
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Auyama cake with cost comparison in local currency, SBD and Steem.

Coco Kiss Cake with price breakdown on SBD and Steem

They tell us how to prepare two types of traditional cakes from their country, one based on squash, a very typical and varied vegetable, and the other based on coconut, an exotic fruit.

Business name:URT UCEH UTARA
Owner's name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh-Indonesia

promotion of various cakes with price details

Acehnese timpan cake complete with recipe

Showing us a breakdown of the costs they have when making their products with two extraordinary recipes where it shows us that constant and dedication are an important factor to achieve the objectives in your business.

Business name:Vickycake20
Owner's name:@veronicaparente
Business address:Anaco, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Report of orders week 08-20 to 08-25-2021

It provides us with detailed information of all the work they have had in a week each order and each delivery, showing us their commercial activities.

🔸 Bakery

Business name:Truchi Cafe
Owner's name:@maurelvys, @manuelalejandro
Business address:Cumana, Sucre, Venezuela.

Chocolate mousse, the darling of the house

Knowing each one of the recipes that is not provided is really delicious. Occasion feet chocolate fulfills an important factor by making one of your favorite desserts.

🔸 Decoration and celebration.

Business name:Glass creations
Owner's name:@glass13
Business address:Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela.

Inviting new entrepreneurs to the community.

Combo for christening celebration. By @ glass13

It does not show its participation in the new investor contest and in addition to that we see part of what was an order from its clients.

Business name:Maricreacionestp
Owner's name:@mariangeltp
Business address:Acarigua, Portuguesa, Venezuela.

BUMP PAINTING "PREGNANT" by @mariangeltp

They show us in detail one of their most recent works such as the painting of work for the arrival of a baby through the use of paintings for the final result

Business name:Ikigai_coffee_desing
Owner's name:@coffeedesing
Business address:Anaco, Anzoátegui. Venezuela

My Presentation to Business Activity

Details the operation of their business and does not give a sample of all the products they make to offer jealousy to their customers in commercial activities

🔸 Construction

Business name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
Owner's name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia

Promote soccer field stands and can accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD

iron fence promotion can accept payment via IDR, STEEM, SBD

Show me in detail the work you are doing in your business by carrying out roof bars and part restoration an extraordinary business they are doing


Business name:Asia Pangkas
Owner's name:Zulkarnaini
Business address:Indonesia

Introducing My Self: Purchased Shares of Asia The Barber After Eight Years Working At Someone Else's Barbershop

Starting their commercial activities within the community shows us in detail part of what their business is and how they have achieved everything they have so far.

🔸Plastic arts

Business name:Astral_J1
Owner's name:@astralj
Business address:Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela

Color portrait on request

Shows us an extraordinary artistic work portraying the figure of a child to perfection demonstrating his commercial activities through a cost breakdown.


Business name:ADONAI by Dayanna Lozada
Owner's name:@alannaycrist03
Business address:Barcelona Edo. Anzoátegui Venezuela

Presentation of my Entrepreneurship ADONAI by Dayanna Lozada

What basic tweezers to use to get started in the wire rope technique?

It does not describe a presentation of your venture in detail and additionally shows us how to use the tweezers and work tools to make costume jewelery.


Business name:auto.mechanicsjc
Owner's name:Jesús Azocar
Business address:Barcelona, Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Detecting an electrical fault - Spark plug wires

explains the step by step of detecting a fault in our vehicle and how we can solve it with a few simple steps

Business name:Colors and spare parts Barcelona C.A
Owner's name:@luisasevilla30
Business address:Barcelona, Anzoátegui - Venezuela

My official presentation for the business activity community.

Give us a detailed description of your business and tell us what type of products and how they work to offer excellent services to your customers

🔸Distribution and Sale

Business name:La Muñeca Plc Bassquell c.a
Owner's name:@yuliannymarin
Business address:Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui Venezuela

The Doll Plc Bassquell c.a | Official presentation for the Business Activity community

We see the presentation of your business and do not detail each of the products that you have available in store to offer to your customers.

Business name:Herbalife Independent Associate
Owner's name:Belen Cedeño
Business address:Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela.

Presentation of my venture for the business Activity community.

How I manage my business

It gives us detailed information about your undertaking and also shows us how they carry out evaluations to their clients to provide them with the ideal products.

Seeing the results of the work that we have been doing encourages us to continue in favor of the growth of the community, we must not fail to mention the importance of companies and enterprises within the blockchain when it comes to receiving steem as a form of payment. sustainable and well established for Advancement in general, we encourage them to continue to provide valuable and quality content specifying their business activities as in this way it helps us to grow and drive the Blockchain within the steem ecosystem.

To the new sectors that have joined this week, we warmly welcome you and invite you to follow all the internal rules of the community so that your content is supported not only with rewards but also with comments that add value to your work.It's time to grow. the future awaits us with the growth of the Blockchain.

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Excellent work done by the @businessactivity team to keep us always informed.
It is a pleasure to be part of this community and that together we are growing.
The future is always today. Greetings @gensequini

Thank you, we continue to advance and build the community foundations!

With each sector that is added, the interest of the steemians and those who are about to enter this ecosystem increases, to make their businesses part of the Blockchain. Each new investor knows their starting capacity and of course, what they are willing to demonstrate so that it is known in the world, through their services, without limitation, because each work sample brings them closer to the greatness of their stability and positioning. Together for a sustainable future.

Together we can do something impossible to be possible

The growth of the Blockchain is inevitable together as a community we make that possible.

With the support of ourselves, this community will be more sustainable.

I warmly welcome all members of the community. Let's move forward for the benefit of growing the community. As the post says, the future awaits us.

So together we grow and advance!

Congratulations to all the outstanding members, let's continue to grow the community and the platform.

Thank you. Congratulations to all, I hope to keep improving every day.

Let's totally work as a team!

I am glad to know that we are surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and hardworking people. Let's move on. There is so much potential

So are many extraordinary companies.

Congratulations to those selected for the excellent work, together as a team we will achieve a remarkable growth of the community

So it is in unity we will achieve it!

Thank you so much @gensequini
I am happy to be a part of this business community

Welcome, feel comfortable and let us know much more about your business.

que buen resumen felicidades a todos un gusto estar aqui.

What a pleasure to be back in the summary together with great companies and entrepreneurs.