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An investor who joins the Blockchain, arrives with great expectations and those same are those that Steemit and the @businessactivity community therefore have and maintain for companies and entrepreneurs, with each member who joins, to favor their development and economy.

Business sectors are making commitments from the beginning outside of the Steem ecosystem, and by belonging and staying in it, that commitment becomes a greater motivation, everyone knows their business, including: Start, how it came about or the plan to follow, progress, projections, short and long term goals; Each one takes the first step, many times with nothing, but "wanting to be great" keeps them, with few tools or many, but for the consolidation and business boom it is necessary to maintain direction, motivation and desire to work.

The objective is that each time a new aspiration desire is added to your path, it increases in the need to improve services, attention, increase in stock, visibility, clients and these are some of those that are they can mention, within everything that encompasses the emergence of a business.

Establishing a large or small company, absolutely all of them start from scratch and/or this being their common factor, they must know how to approach the client and offer their services. The need to increase the client portfolio and be known in the world, is part of projections that perhaps at one time could be unimaginable, but that today have to become a reality, but what do they have to take into account?. Precisely, the strategies to make this possible, within the Blockchain.


Business blog

The content of the business blog is not only the introduction with which you take the first step, (your presentation), it is necessary to go deeper, evaluate the strategies for the subsequent steps, in which your blog can be distinguished from others.

It is therefore, what will make the investor an characteristicinimitable with successful images and explanatory content in detail, Who are they? What do they do? Important for the viewer.

Unlike other social networks, steemit is not the same as any other, this should be your guide and orientation compass, so as not to pretend to do something that does not adapt to the implicit requests of the platform and Community, following a continuous improvement advice in aspects of content, originality and outstanding by each investor.

The decoration and celebration service is the most striking, colorful and cheerful sensation. The sample of your work is evidence of the quality of what you do, but it is not only how you do it, it is also that specific and determining factor. How do you offer it? As he is passionate about creating and bringing joy, he must be the example of how to make this sales medium attractive to customers of the steem ecosystem.

Remember, it is not an ordinary blog, it is the BLOG of companies and entrepreneurs, where your strength will be in the capacity of interest that the public, user, steemians and new client, must know and learn from your business; Although the rewards are necessary, I imagined how necessary it is, that a content has the expected impact within Steemit.


How can you make this possible?

Being an owner, you know clearly, the operation of what is executed, such as: purchases, inventory, movement, requests, customer thoughts, suggestions, improvements in the work plan, how productivity is increased, when it is necessary to re-evaluate the way of work, for sales, among others; Only the owner of a business can give the best impression in this technological and different world, so that customers require its services.

The Blog of Companies and Entrepreneurs, does not have and cannot for any reason, be identical to another, because they are owners and different thoughts, even when they can offer the same, they never do it in the same way, it is their way of distinguishing what makes them stand out.

The investor must imagine himself as a client in order to know how to attract, thinking about:

Each publication content structure must correspond to specific topics of services and products to be offered, be careful detail-oriented, meticulous, for his work; Create publications that accurately sample the quality of that which you want others to acquire.

Have a clear focus, which is a sample of the attention that the client should require from you, oriented to the service offered. Each unique publication must correspond to a breakdown of information, specific to something in particular. Avoid post with irrelevant content and that does not meet the specifications that are suggested.

Sample thoughts and ideas for your content:

These ideas are in favor of an improvement of business content within the ecosystem.

  • When you see an image, Does the quality of the image matter? By showing what you do and sell, you have to make this impact, highlighting: colors, details, the special touch that only you have to give to your work, with originality.

  • Is an image simply that? An image is not just an image, keep that in mind, that the client is dazzled and the look should not be lost before the beauty of the sample of impeccable work.

  • Is the information you supply correct? Evaluate before posting, if the information in writing and images corresponds to the characteristics that they must contain to attract the client. Offer in detail what you have, for the customer.

  • Does the client like to find out about the characteristics, service, work? Use correct informational text, keywords, learn to sell not only with the image but with the words.

  • Is it distinguished from another investor, why? Show why you are different, although all are important and valuable, your business is unique, show why it is.

  • Is your service something special? What makes it special?

  • Does the decoration contain something else that the client never imagines will be part of their celebration?

  • Does the ability to create break down barriers to do more than the customer asks for? Are you able to offer and sell with originality?

  • Can you surprise the client with your work and that this sample based on the decoration and celebration in general, the client will let you know?

  • Think like a customer. Like, is it attractive, does the visual impression attract?

  • When create, will you impress in: The combination of colors, shapes and figures, decoration, small and / or large details, drawings, animations, gradients, overexposed images, simple or embossed toppers? among others of importance.

  • What you show is: ingenious?

  • Does the decoration that you make make a difference from other companies and entrepreneurs?

  • Why specifically search for a similar sample decoration, even when it is another requested motif to create? The answer to this is: to captivate.

The person in charge of making a celebration a success, like those in charge in the Sector of decoration and celebration, has to imagine more than what the client often requests, to surprise in their work; Adjusting to what is requested is important, but providing suggestions and ideas to clients will allow you to have a better and greater connection, which inspires confidence.

The same quality that you offer when speaking personally, must be reflected in writing, when exhibiting your work. It is necessary to make the client find in you what he has been looking for.


How can you show your work to make an impact?

The topics to be addressed for decoration and celebration are many, and only the creator of the work, can and has material to show eloquently, making the change between a publication of impact or not.

Topics that will serve as a guide:

The decorator and / or maker of decorative beauties and organizations for events in general, must show what characterizes and distinguishes, from another investor.

The form of the breakdown of their work activities is taken into account, why? It is the sample of your work, how do you do it? What new changes does it have? All of this will depend on how creative you are to offer your services, because only you have the power to increase your client base. The resources are given, you only have to know how to manage, plan and execute.

Specific content of the work by publication. This point is one of the most important within your business content and work sample. It must, always, show decorations that correspond to a theme, being specific. We understand that their works are various, yes, but for each publication there is a topic and content to share. Ideas for breaking down your content will be in the work to be done for the sale. Corresponding to the same header you want to share, without other creations and celebrations involved. Understand clearly, the subject of your publication, will determine what you are going to show.

Content What to include? Example: Preamble to the topic, talk about the desire to create this decoration and celebration material, add what inspires you for the process, how it was that the original ideas came up and finally materialize. Materials, use of each item or piece that was used for decoration, requested quantities, difficulty or ease of the creation process, time to require this service, add useful tips for your clients and for those who want to venture into this Work sector, costs of materials, types of materials that are the best for use and attractive to the client, which is the most looking for according to budget, simple or ostentatious, show if the requests have been online, e-mail or via whatsapp, delivery of work, armed, leave evidence of it. It is necessary to go beyond what is only shown in an image, learn how to attract your client. With this example, you can do much more.

Events. Comply with describing the purpose of the event and decoration, what you did to be part of that celebration. Your business grows with each sample of work you share, with the quality of the service you offer, distinguishing yourself is not only for a mere reason to do, it is also to please the customer's taste and thus, satisfy it. Share, the event deepening, members involved, if the event is corporate or personal celebration, if in the creation of decorations, is a participant in a Showroom, include how fascinating it is to be part of that experience and include the current and new customer from your list, through the images and reading to be part of it, even without having attended. Always a creative investor, so that the client requires from you. Tell What do you offer at events? Real images of his authorship, it is always the main thing and the best material.

Sales made through Steem Blockchain. As everyone knows, receiving steem and sbd as a form of payment is a priority for companies on the Blockchain, hence its greater growth. In this central point, sharing with members and new clients, your buying-selling, although it may seem like something very simple and straightforward, requires that you create an eye-catching format, where you expose, how this great profit was carried out. Suggestions to contain in the publication: Preamble of the topic, agreement with the client, in which currency the cancellation Sbd or Steem, was made, delivery terms, work process, place and date, always evidence with the images all the work, of course, the Proof of payment, necessary and must not be missing, the name of your user from whom you have requested your services. Explain the experience and what its realization implied, work plan, among tips to carry out; Enchant the reader with your writing.

Video of impact and interest. The videos, with exact samples of what the client wants to observe, highlighting how well prepared the work is done, in the videos, you must understand that it is not about recording just to do it, show valuable content for your client. Enchant him, with what he sees, dazzle him, with elaboration of decoration and the implementation of everything he does, placing confidence in the field of decoration and celebration. The videos should be brief, but specifying what you want to show. Capture the eye and the customer who will understand, the value of your business.

Courses. If you are an investor who is not only dedicated to selling, but also to be participatory within your own work area and teaches decoration courses. You can give a sample of your work, of the workshops you carry out. Showing the number of participants, share the experience, what has been the most difficult for the apprentice, if the courses are in stages, if they deliver certificates, what is the value of each courses, if they teach weekly courses, monthly or yearly. If you cover the material for the course, if they are theoretical-practical courses, profits obtained, satisfaction for instructing others, there is a lot of great variety of information that you can highlight, that this is only a sample of it, to guide in the content creation process. Always be authentic and show your work in a unique way.

Inventory. Every business always carries out an inventory, balance of income and expenses, financial, and of course of the material, that requires, is where most of the interest is centered, in which it notices what is missing or what is left over, what it needs to continue the correct course of its work. It can address issues related to it, where it shows the purchased materials, thanks to the earnings received, either, in sbd, steem, local currency, add vouchers of these purchases, always based on the publication dates. Describe the use, that you can give to the acquired materials, be detailed and omit absolutely nothing, that may be of value.

Order report. These reports can be in the sales generated in the week, both on the Blockchain and in your local currency. showing dates, users, cost, in local currency, sbd and steem. evidencing how these sales were carried out. Do not just show images, report how this request has been given is how it has motivated you. This will help your future clients and community members know your performance.

Recommendations. It is very extensive and what can be done in your area, tricks, tips, everything you think is convenient that users may need, if you, as an investor, are not at the moment to cover the need. Make quality publications that contain what is necessary to address this issue, always with images of your authorship. In this section, you can intersperse, with gif-like videos, add what is necessary so that new clients know about you, and how you are capable, to make the vision of this topic generate greater impact. The recommendations, are to add, What can and can not do?.

You must understand that your content must and has to be striking, extensive, it is necessary to know how the client is attracted and how you can do it.

Always be original, your work is not the same as that of your colleague, although it may be similar, the techniques to be used are different, each one is characterized by that.

Evaluate your business content and create the best for your clientele.

Note: What is not mentioned in this section, is up to your imagination, because the suggestion guide is precisely that, we are here to guide you, but you are the one who should do the work.


This publication aims to guide investors in this specific sector to find their own structure for their content on how to make it attractive to clients. Remember, don't limit yourself and be resourceful. Educating ourselves is part of what of process and as an investor we require strategies that help impact.

Currently decoration and celebration sector

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The community is enthusiastic about current investors and is waiting for this business sector to increase and its development to be the sign of the sustainable future that each business expects and deserves, according to its outlined objective, showing quality content.

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hello @cindycam the information you provide for the decoration and celebration sector is very valuable, it will help them to guide themselves in the writing of their articles, it is of the utmost importance that everyone is attentive to the advice you provide.

@gensequini , Thank you, always wishing the best for our colleagues, members and users in general, where they find a course to take and commercial content that matches their work, on the subject of original content development.

Excellent tips to create a quality post.

Thank you for spending time on this content, which is an aid so that the publications are oriented to their purpose. An improvement in quality content.

Muchísimas gracias por esta información. De verdad la necesitaba. Espero poner en práctica estos consejos en mis próximos post. "Vender con palabras" esto es algo que no hago mucho, pero que sé que puedo aprender con ustedes.

Un placer leer este tipo de orientación.

Hola @glass13 , La verdad es que mientras mas información, palabras claves, ideas muestren a sus clientes, tal como "vender con palabras", porque no solo es dejar una publicación, el contenido es importante. Gracias por ser parte de la comunidad con su emprendimiento.

thank you for sharing, this post really helped me in managing my future business, in the field of business strategy and finance, @cindycam

This information helps the good content that only you can create, to bring your customers closer to your business. Much to talk about in your business content.


Hola @mariangeltp , Necesarios para que las publicaciones de negocios, se realicen debidamente. Gracias por formar parte de este proyecto.

Very valuable information that you show us through this publication.
As entrepreneurs it is important to dedicate ourselves to creating strategies that attract customers; since our sales depend on it.
It is also very important to create quality products that attract by looking and fall in love with taste.
Thanks for your tips @cindycam

Hello @maurelvys , the look of the viewer, is in the first instance one of the priorities to take into account, when showing what is offered to customers. They are primarily visual and the information you bring to the sample content will be valuable to them.

This information is very detailed and accurate. I will take it into account when writing my post. Thank you very much for the recommendations and for the support.

How good that this could be a good message for the writing of your publications.

Excellent help post for entrepreneurs who are inclined towards this economic sector.

@ rjlv190 , All business sectors need guidance, to serve them in their continuous development, the issues that are presented and the ideas are a sample of what they should go into to develop.

Excelentes consejos que puedo aplicar y tomar notas para mi negocio

Hola @pedro3681 , Gracias por asumir el compromiso y formar parte de Steemit, por hacer de estos consejos propios, aun cuando no son de su sector empresarial, son de utilidad para encaminar su desarrollo.

very good advice for all to be taken into consideration for the writing of our material.

Hello @heidyps2 , it is precisely the idea that we all must and have to evaluate, the content that we want to publish and improve more and more. Demonstrating total quality in all the presentation to our clients.

Gracias por la información,no he explorado esta comunidad,voy a echar un vistazo,me parece interesante,esta semana me toca ir a una empresa para ayudar a aperturar la cuenta a una amiga,así que voy a obtener mas información para darles.
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Gracias, por el interés en tu actividad promocional, puedes incluir esta comunidad dentro de las que ya forman parte de la selección para los steemians nuevos y antiguos. Una oportunidad, para las empresas y emprendedores.

an extraordinary guide for everyone!