Business Activity | Power Up Summary - [08/02/2021 - 08/15/2021]

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Power Up Rewards

The need to Power up for companies, leads them to improve their potential inside and outside the blockchain. With greater stability in your account value and as an investment company. Demonstrating the vision and mission of your business.

Our Unique Reward for Power up system will motivate businesses within the blockchain to invest in Steem, obtaining the opportunity to receive an award directly for their business.

Here are the reward tables for businesses that invest in STEEM.

Weekly Reward table

Power UpRewards
5 - 90.40 STEEM
10 - 190.70 STEEM
20 - 291.00 STEEM
30 -391.50 STEEM
40 - 491.80 STEEM
+502.00 STEEM

This is the list of businesses or entrepreneurs that made Power Up.

UserRolePower UpReward
@felyessEntrepreneur 🔸2.00-
@mariangeltpEntrepreneur 🔸86.0092.00
@mvchacinEntrepreneur 🔸5.5940.40
@cactusgensEntrepreneur 🔸13.5640.70
@riska-amandaEntrepreneur 🔸240.002.00
@shanadesignEntrepreneur 🔸67.3892.00
@pecintabunga20Entrepreneur 🔸3.308-
@aliimrankambohEntrepreneur 🔸22.3161.00
@maurelvysMicro Businesses 🔸71.002.00
@academia.aslkvMicro Businesses 🔸15.000.70
@sportfit.shopMicro Businesses 🔸239.2992.00
@childrensclothesSmall Businesses 🔸25.7011.00
@marcojonMicro Businesses 🔸7.9570.40
@rasheedkambohMicro Businesses 🔸9.0100.40
@gensequiniTeam SBA 🔹30.701-
@cindycamEditorial Staff 🔹27.732-
@oscarcc89Founder 🔹183.400-
@businessactivityOfficial Account 🔹117.945-
Total =1167.625 STEEM14.3 STEEM

Weekly a list of businesses that have Power Up during the week will be published and they will receive the reward.


  • Minimum amount of Power up is 5 STEEM.
  • PowerDown is not allowed.
  • Verified business.
  • Comment on this post Steem on to claim your reward.

Unique Rewards table

We identify it as Unique because each month only one company will receive one of the following rewards if it reaches the Power Up amount and the delegation to @businessactivity:

Power Up (STEEM)DelegationRewards
400150Logo design
700300Graphic Design (Flyer, Banner, Ad, etc)
1000500Ad on Facebook & Instagram (10 days)
1200800Web domain & Host (1 year)
16001000SSL Certificate for web (1 year)
20001200Basic Web Design in Wordpress (not include Domain, host)
  • Every 1st of the month a list of the businesses that complied with the Power Up and Delegation of the previous table will be shown.
  • These rewards will be delivered by the Founder @Oscarcc89 and the Digital Marketing Agency @MediaPexels
  • If the company complies to obtain one of the rewards and does not want it, it has the right to claim another with a lower power up range.
  • The first business to meet some of the requirements will be the winner. We will also evaluate the following aspects:

Aspects to evaluate

  • Stay active and be constant within the community.
  • Posts Quality

Would you like to support our community with Steem Power Delegation?

50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP
800 SP 1000 SP 1250 SP 1500 SP

Founder @oscarcc89 - About me - Discord: oscarcc89#4887

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excellent growth and ignition program to help the blockchain steem

It is a great opportunity and motivation, this strategy, to grow our community, the Steemit platform and I do business. soon doing power up.

It is good that investors are motivated, all the work and well-being of their present and near future in their hands. Excellent initiative. Congratulations to all who did Power Up and we are sure that more will join.

We continue to work tirelessly to strengthen the blockchain and the community.

a good information and a brilliant idea because by doing power ups we can grow and move faster for a bright future I will soon do power ups because we love power ups

Steem ON. Let's go for more ...

Steem on 😁

Steem on 😁

Making our accounts increase in value is now possible, thanks to the support and customers of the Blockchain. I will work in the delegation. Rewards are of interest.

Excellent initiative that they show. This community is really showing enormous support for entrepreneurs.
Truchi Cafe present and waiting for his reward.

How good that we are encouraged to do Power up. So we can all continue to grow together.

Steem on

Steem on !

Steem on!

very good, excellent strategy!

Muy buena iniciativa estoy nueva pero trataré de ponerme al día en cuanto pueda

Steem on

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