Business Activity | 5 Outstanding Business [08/31 - 09/01] 💼

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The following businesses comply with all the guidelines of our community, both for informational content about their business and the format of the post.

5 Outstanding Business

Colores y Respuestos Barcelona C.A - Stock de productos de pulituras para carros.
Academia.aslkv - Heading to the Wako Valencia National Open
USAHA RUMAH TANGGA (URT) -Providing dessert [lupis sticky rice + latest recipe]
Progressive Mauritian Cuisine - One of the first restaurants in the world to accept Steem/SBD as payment since 2017
Distribuidora de alimentos y servicios G.I - Clients and sales report for the week.

Thanks for the good work!
c.c @steemcurator01

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thank you for entrusting my business as one of the five best posts congratulations also to other companies that have been selected success always friends success is always in our hands as long as we want to try.

thank you @businessactivity

Each one a different and attractive activity to highlight. It is good to see the growth in the community and we hope that more will join Steemit and be recognized by the world. It is necessary for investors to find their place in the Blockchain and clients to increase more with each work sample they present. Success for everyone.

We wish the business mentioned above success and prosper.

Congratulations to the outstanding businesses, show of dedication, effort and a lot of perseverance.

Good job. Congratulations. to all.

Congratulations to all

Felicidades a todos los destacados, sigan asi. 🤍🌟

Many congratulations to all the companies that make life within the community

It is wonderful to see how companies advance through steemit, let's continue growing together.