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Kind regards to the entire SteemitBlog curatorial team.

The Business Activity community, for companies and entrepreneurs, is grateful for the support provided in this selection month for the different communities; Especially for this one that in the current time of support has achieved that investors from different sectors and from different countries are part of the productivity, improvement and sustainable future in the Steem Blockchain.

The community support program is key for the community, for its own sustainability, which conveys greater confidence to current members and those who will soon join as investors.

Although the community has been active on the Blockchain for about two months, the increase in these members is specifically due to the support received from the Application for the Communities of the Month support program, dated 07-23-2021, being accepted as part of progress and a vision directed, which raises as a basis for global consolidation, keep in mind that it must be generated, but also invest, rather than just consume. With this impulse thinking form, it is how everyone should direct their vision.


What is the purpose of your community?

A purpose with a common objective, to promote growth, sustainability and of course invest in addition to generating, in Steem Blockchain, by educating companies in their vision of investing, to obtain noticeable results in the short and long term, assuming the commitment as company and therefore, making the understanding of the innumerable possibilities within the platform.

All over the world there are investors who today are in steemit as users and these, have companies and ventures which in our community can be noticed, through weekly publications and magazines, which will be of benefit, thus demonstrating their potential, getting the most out of it, where the acceptance of payments in Steem will be its strength, when generating and investing, this leads to the increase directly to each company in Steemit.

Since the creation of the account and community, there has been great receptivity and rapprochement on the part of the steemians, full of motivation to show their companies and ventures, therefore the increase in members has risen, currently being at 274 subscribers, is this a breakthrough and achievement of many of those to come for the benefit of the ecosystem.

We are pleased to show a more detailed preview, below:

Pending rewards
Active posters

*Before (07/24/21) - *Now (08/20/21)

Steem PowerDelegateTotal
Before368.238 SP+1,003.3611,372.00 STEEM
Now1,104.51 SP+3,202.314,306.81 STEEM

*Before (07/24/21) - *Now (08/20/21)

We have had a 310.20% increase in total Steem Power so far this month of August, with a voting power of $0.07.

Curation benefit

Always under the follow-up protocol in community guidelines and Steemit, the creation of content shown in the business-type community is merely of a professional nature.

Which means that each of the investors is distinguished in their work, because although many are similar, they do not have to work exactly the same, logically because each company or entrepreneur has a unique way of working, which they expose in a valuable way.

Each member is benefited with a vote for the work and performance of it, with the content that must previously be evaluated to be part of the community, mentioning the parameters that must be met so that curation is possible.

Current and active sectors

With each new investing member, another joins and this is how the growing number of users has become possible. Finding the possibility of a change towards the financial future.

Coffee sector
Design and manufacture.
Design, decoration and renovation of spaces with natural plants.
Supply of sports equipment.
Academy of training in martial arts.
Business training - Service to the public.
Agricultural Sector
Pastry Sector
Bakery sector
Construction Sector
Decoration and celebration.
Graphic design sector
Automotive mechanics sector
Wholesale and retail trade
Clothing and accessories trade
Trade in natural beverages
Judicial Sector

Business presentations in the last two weeks.

Business nameBadgeCountry
MaricreacionestpEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
Vickycake20Entrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
Truchi CaféMicro Businesses 🔸Venezuela
Arreglos y Decoraciones LyDEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
VASTAGO C.ASmall Businesses 🔸Venezuela
Las Barbaras EstateMicro Businesses 🔸Venezuela
URT business ventureEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Grocery store businessEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Food and service distributor G.IMicro Businesses 🔸Venezuela
Blacksmith businessEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Hijab BusinessEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Heidy ReposteriaEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
Auto.mechanics JCEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
Selling fresh sugarcane juiceEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Tailors business sitting at homeEntrepreneur 🔸Bangladesh
Business selling live flowersMicro Businesses 🔸Indonesia
Tailor businessEntrepreneur 🔸Indonesia
Grocery store businessEntrepreneur 🔸Pakistan
Sewing businessMicro Businesses 🔸Pakistan
NIGLYS Designs SudioEntrepreneur 🔸Nigeria
Creaciones GlassEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela
Servicios JuridicosEntrepreneur 🔸Venezuela

Member delegation

Each member is valuable as well as their support to the account of the community where they live day by day, so that the world knows about them.

From its rewards and the Power Up system, which many allow themselves to increase the value of their accounts, there is a need to encourage reciprocal support, in order to have a voting force to support the team, through the delegations, because the community works by and for everyone.

Members with delegation to the business community.


With this list, we want to make known to everyone that we are working on the growth and future of what is for investors a workplace and business vision that starts from small to large scale.

Power Up system and unique Booster Rewards program

An incentive has been initiated in the community for each investor, through the realization of Power Up, required weekly for the increase of each business account; This Power Up system can be done when the members wish, but it is valuable for everyone to show participation in the respective calls for attention and announcements where the sample of the increase of each company or enterprise account is evidenced, with a STEEM POWER in increase, this being a benefit that is not only for one member but for all.

Rewards for Power Up

Power UpRewards
5 - 90.40 STEEM
10 - 190.70 STEEM
20 - 291.00 STEEM
30 -391.50 STEEM
40 - 491.80 STEEM
+502.00 STEEM

Unique Rewards Program

Power Up (STEEM)DelegationRewards
400150Logo design
700300Graphic Design (Flyer, Banner, Ad, etc)
1000500Ad on Facebook & Instagram (10 days)
1200800Web domain & Host (1 year)
16001000SSL Certificate for web (1 year)
20001200Basic Web Design in Wordpress (not include Domain, host)

Official account Power Up

The need to Power Up, from the main account, has its value and sense of logic, in relation to generating trust to all members and users of Steemit. Being a new community, the starting value is lower, but with the support that we have been given, we are sure that we will be able to make a change and increase with each new initiative taken. All rewards donated by members and main account rewards go to Steem Power.

Teamwork to achieve the community goal

Our moderators are active commenting and supporting all the new businesses that join the community and our Discord. In addition, weekly they publish valuable content for companies such as guides, reports and contests.

First contest for members and add investors to Steemit

Because it is a new topic, a change and a different vision, but innovative, the exclusive community of companies launches the first contest within it, with the intention of increasing visibility and the possibility of empowering other investors, who still They do not know about the community and it gives the option, for the new ones who still do not imagine the existence of Steemit; This is a favorable option for change, always thinking about financial and future improvement, both now in this present, and what is to come, in a distant future. 80 STEEM will be awarded in prizes.

Magazines with featured companies and entrepreneurs

Each new weekly edition is a surprise for investors, who cannot imagine being selected to be on the cover of the business magazine, but each one highlights their work and builds customer trust. All aspects are evaluated and members show interest in each content, being the support of each investor. So far two editions corresponding to the month of August have been published.

Edition 01 - AugustEdition 02 - August

Social Media Ads

In an effort to grow our community, an Instagram Ad has been activated to attract entrepreneurs, merchants, small and large businesses. With a budget of $90 (USD) = 11.73 SBD.



The objective of this advertising campaign is Reach. So the ad will be shown to the largest number of people with the interests of entrepreneurship, business and commerce. This ad has one day active and has been shown to 22 thousand people and 19 clicks.


More details on this promotion will be released very soon.

The Business Activity Team says goodbye thanking the SteemitBlog Support Program, because this month of August was one of growth and support in our community. Once again, thanks to the Booming and SteemCurator accounts for supporting the community.

Thank you!

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Muy buen trabajo, gracias por crear este espacio para todas las empresas.

This is an example where trust can be placed; The commitment must prevail in each of those who make up the community. More Sectors will announce their arrival to the change that is the reality of all.

It is good to see the growth we have had, it is unstoppable we go together creating the sustainability of the blockchain and our companies, as always for me it is a pleasure to be part of this project.

Excellent work and discipline and order in the work done is demonstrated. It is a pleasure to belong to the community. Let the successes continue.

In a short time we have grown considerably as a community, thanks to the support and effort that has been made and of course thanks to those companies and entrepreneurs who trust and believe in the business community.

this is an honor for us, with this community, we can promote the business we are managing, and thank you very much for all of this.

It is a pleasure for me to belong to the community, and to be able to contribute to its growth. May the successes continue to rain for you, that every day we are more and more entrepreneurs who arrive.

Que bueno ver cómo la comunidad referente para empresas está creciendo y no solo aquí en steemit si no también fuera. Gracias por el trabajo del equipo. Seguimos adelante trayendo nuevos inversores y a la cadena de bloques Steem.

Agradecida siempre con este tipo de comunidades que nos brinde. Esa mano amiga. Sigamos creciendo y haciendo bendiciones

Excellent information. Very happy to read how they have been improving in terms of ineVrsions. We will continue to work to achieve even more. CONGRATULATIONS

Una extraordinaria labor la que vienen desempeñando feliz de estar aquí aportando un granito de arena para el crecimiento.

Hay una gran variedad de empresa, esto es muy bueno. Muchas felicidades a todos los que han posible esto.

I am very happy to be a part of this community.