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Greetings and blessings to all members of the #businessactivity community. Today I am here again, to share a little more about the wonderful world of coffee. This time I want to talk to you about the different types of coffee seeds that exist.

Different types of coffee seeds.

As a producer, part of my job is to know how to identify the type of variety or species of coffee with which I am working. It can be said that there are different types of coffee seeds. It is important to identify this because that way we know in what way the coffee will be roasted and also by having knowledge of this, we will know the final result of the coffee in the cup. Once we know what seed we are working with, we will have an idea of ​​the taste and smell that the drink will have.


Castillo coffee seeds.

Within the world of coffee seeds there are more than 90 species of coffee. Here in Venezuela the most common are:

  • Arabica and Robusta.

Types of varieties:

The coffee with the Arabica seed, results in a quality of drink, in the cup, but as a disadvantage it has that it is very vulnerable to a pest that destroys plants called. Rust.

Of the robusta it can be said that in the cup it is stronger because it contains more caffeine, and it is more resistant to rust diseases.


Arabico coffee plant, Caturra variety.

From these two species of coffee: (Arabica and Robusta. ) The different varieties of coffee are obtained.

The different varieties are as follows:

These coffee plants can be said to be the original ones, and that the different varieties that exist have been obtained from them, they are formed by making crosses between the plants, all in order to create them stronger to the climate changes of today and on all of the diseases that exist like rust.

Rust is a very strong disease that is destroying coffee plantations nationwide. When coffee trees are infected with this fungus, the plant dies completely and there is nothing that can be done to rescue them, which is why the varieties were created to make them resistant to this type of infection.

Rust infected plant.

Coffee varieties:

Two varieties are obtained from Arabica: Traditional and Hybrid. The traditional ones are obtained naturally and the Hybrids from crosses.

Pure Varieties:

  • Tipyca.
  • Bourbon.
  • Caturra.
  • New World.
  • Catuai.
  • Pache.
  • Pacamara.
  • Among others.

Differences between Arabico and Robusta coffee.

Contains more caffeine, the taste is stronger..Its flavor is sweeter and more chocolatey.
Matures in 11 months.Matures in 9 months.
When they mature they adhere to the branches.When they mature they come off the branches.

Copies of Arabian Coffee

The red grain is of the Arabica species Typica variety:

The typical variety is red beans, she is the mother of all the varieties that exist, that is to say, the original. Its flavor is sweet and it has a pleasant acidity. Its production is low, but in the cup it is of excellent quality and it is very vulnerable to rust disease. The grain of this variety is long and large.

The yellow grain is from the Caturra variety arabica:

The Caturra variety is of Brazilian origin. Its main characteristic is that it is low cut, that is, they grow small. The grain size is medium. It is considered of quality in the cup, and has a bright acidity in its flavor. It is also vulnerable to rust.

Coffee trees of a variety resistant to rust.

In the rural area of ​​Mundo Nuevo, Anzoátegui State, a plan is being carried out to renew old coffee plantations susceptible to rust, for new coffee plantations resistant to this disease.

Coffee Colombia 27:


Monte Claro coffee.

With this variety it is estimated to revolutionize the coffee world, since the size of its beans is high yield.

These two varieties are the ones that they are looking to implement in the coffee plantations of Venezuela, but there are many more varieties that are resistant to diseases such as royal.

Although it seems an easy subject, the truth is that coffee is a subject, complex and extensive but interesting. For a long time we have been working to improve the quality and quantity of this important item worldwide. Relevant characteristics have been improved, such as from sowing to quality in the cup.

The main purpose of creating hybrids with the crossing of the Arabico and the Robusta is to make the Arabico acquire more resistance to diseases and that the Robusta have more quality in the cup.


Photos taken on a trip I did to the coffee town of mundo nuevo. In the hacienda the guamales. From the Arreaza family. Business trip that was made in order to buy green coffee. Current photos.


The coffee we have available in our store is Colombia 27 and Castillo. Available for wholesale and retail. We accept payments in SBD and STEEM.


With nothing more to add on this topic, I say goodbye wishing you the best for your business. See you in a next post.

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@angeloguzman31, Excellent all the knowledge that he gives us, about the different types of coffee, and what affects the plant, however it makes it more resistant then a cross between them.

The whole world of coffee is extremely interesting and, as well mentioned, quite extensive, that only one publication is not enough to know so much and more of what you are to show on long road.more of you about this fantastic coffee world.

Thank for sharing this business tour , where the most important thing is to know how to select correctly, because in its wholesale and retail distribution, it also represents the importance for the consumer.

I invite you to participate in the Power Up program, every week.


Hi @cindycam. Thanks again for reading my post, it is a pleasure for me to talk to you about coffee and all that it means. This topic is so extensive, that you are right, there is not enough to write a post, so see you in a next post with more information important. Greetings and blessings.

A very good and complete information about the types of coffee to be honest before I was not knowledgeable about coffee I thought all coffee had the same type but after hearing your explanation, I just found out that there are many types of coffee, thank you for your knowledge.

Hello @angeloguzman31, a pleasure to greet you. Thank you for showing us part of what the great wide world of coffee is, without a doubt that there is variety for all lovers of this fruit. Coffee processes are innumerable and today we know a little more about them, thank you for sharing it within the community .

Excelente información sobre las especies y las variedades de café que existen. Un tema muy amplio e interesante . Gracias por compartir.