Weekly Reports (August 07, 2022 to August 13, 2022) as a MOD - Community Manager of Steemit Travel - "Share Your Travel Moment"

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There have been a lot of good posts published in the community throughout the week. Today I will present the one-week whole report (August 07, 2022, to August 13, 2022) of the Steemit Travel Community as a Mod Community Manager. Here are the details:


My Steem Power10,677 sp
Delegation1000 sp
Voting CSI14.4


Throughout this Week I have curated 135 posts. I have curated a total of 87 authors' posts. I always try to curate the active posts of more users so that they are more interested in posting. Because of my less voting power, I can't curate all user's posts. If my voting power increases then I will curate more posts.

In the last 3 months from May to July I power up a total of 1,089.683 STEEM. From the beginning, I was more interested in power-up. When there was no club project, I have been doing power up. Because I believe that I did not come to work on steemit Platform for one or two days, I want to work here for a long time. So I power up my whole earnings daily.

👉Contest Update


👉Contest Week #5 - Travel Stories at Festival Events

  • Rewards: 1st place: 8 TRX
    2nd place: 6 TRX
    3rd place : 4 TRX
    4th place : 2 TRX

  • Announcement: August 21, 2022

👉Announcement For Winners Contest Week #4 Culture Vulture - Wedding Party Tradition

👉Weekly Report - Booming Support Week #3


Weekly Report - "Booming Support Week #3"

👉List of Members From BANGLADESH

I have seen that many new users are joined Steemit Travel Community. In this report, I will present the details of those who are active in my country following the community roles.


👉 Weekly Power-Up and CLUB Status of Active Members (August 07, 2022 to August 13, 2022)

Reports were given to those who followed the community rolls this week. Each user is segregated according to their club status. Club100 is set for those who have not cashed out in the last 3 months, Club75 for those who have not cashed out 75% of their earnings in the last two months, and Club5050 for those who have not cashed out 50% of their earnings in the last one month.

NoUsernameClub StatusPower-ups
0@ponpaseCLUB754.079 STEEM
1@ripon0630CLUB100101.166 STEEM
2@pojanCLUB50500 STEEM
3@zullfahmiCLUB755.935 STEEM
4@shahariar1CLUB50500 STEEM
5@mostofajamanCLUB505015.35 STEEM
6@ariful2CLUB7514.919 STEEM
7@muhammadbakrieCLUB1000 STEEM
8@asiahaissCLUB50500 STEEM
9@ab-rafiCLUB1000 STEEM
10@gamcantoi23CLUB10016 STEEM
11@hotspotitalyCLUB10011.111 STEEM
12@siam7CLUB50500 STEEM
13@professor72CLUB10011.484 STEEM
14@ling2x22CLUB1001.579 STEEM
15@loloy2020CLUB750 STEEM
16@msharifCLUB100145.863 STEEM
17@waterjoeCLUB10098.055 STEEM
18@simonnwigweCLUB7541.935 STEEM
19@rianfahreziCLUB1000 STEEM
20@raihanputra10CLUB1000 STEEM
21@muhajir169CLUB750 STEEM
22@butterfly-jt9CLUB50504.979 STEEM
23@arslanajCLUB50500 STEEM
24@patjewellCLUB1000 STEEM
25@juancar347CLUB1000 STEEM
26@sailawanaCLUB505022.336 STEEM
27@alegnitaCLUB505057.666 STEEM
28@lienlaCLUB50500 STEEM
27@realworld23CLUB750 STEEM

👉 List of Plagiarism, Spammers, Abusers:

image.pngA Scammer has ben Found and his ID has been Muted

👉 List of Delegator & Delegation Amount:

So far we have had a total of 12,695 SP delegations in our community account @hive-163291 . Our delegators are constantly growing. With the increase in delegates, the voting power of our community account is also increasing so that we can provide better support to the users.

NoUsernameDelegation amount
0@ponpase5,016 SP
1@alegnita1,502 SP
2@ripon06301,003 SP
3@muhajir1691,003 SP
4@loloy2020300 SP
5@pojan701 SP
6@ikmalhariamuna200 SP
7@hotspotitaly650 SP
8@realworld23601 SP
9@simonnwigwe500 SP
10@lienla300 SP
11@zullfahmi50 SP
12@asiahaiss400 SP
13@shahariar1150 SP
14@sailawana100 SP
15@shohana1100 SP
16@ab-rafi200 SP
17@mdabunaim1551100 SP
18@shemzee100 SP
18@fwinanda100 SP

👉List of the Best Post Recommendations from Members of BANGLADESH:

Numerous users are active in the community through their high-quality posts. We are trying our best to support the users. Numerous good travel blogs are being posted every day. I have selected the best 3 posts here.


👉Steemit Travel Community Leadership

3@alegnitaTEAM SUPPORT 🇻🇪
6@realworld23TEAM SUPPORT 🇮🇩

📜📜 Rules for New Users 📜📜

The rules we set are very simple and subject to the rules set by the Steemit team.

  • The community is open to all users from different countries.
  • Posts must be original and no place for abusers.
  • Posting does not contain elements of harassment and discrimination.
  • English posts are prioritized and open to any language.
  • Each member must respect each other, support, and actively interact.
  • Prioritize users who join the club status, minimum at #club5050.
  • Community abuse will be dealt strictly by with the team.
  • Posts must be of high quality and at least 300 words.
  • Use the official tag #travel.
  • Texts and pictures taken from free external websites must include a reference source.
  • Support increasing community account resources via delegation and set 10% payout to account @hive-163291.

📊📊 Categories and Topics 📊📊

In general, we are open about anything on the topic of travel that is an original work produced by the content owner. We want to take this wider and open up opportunities for every user to participate on a broad topic. Our topics include Travel, Local Wisdom, Adventure, Backpackers, Food Travel, Travel Guide, Business Travel, Nature Lovers, Friday Travel, Weekend Travel, and Culture Vulture.

The topic of Culture culture (culture lovers) is a topic that is quite potential to be developed on the Steemit Travel community page. You can share something unique about your country with the world as well as share local experiences. This category can include Festivals, Costumes and Traditions, Food, and Art, only unique and identical to your country, Culture Vulture wants to bring more experience, inspiration, and knowledge to the world.

Best Regard,

@ponpase | ADMIN - FOUNDER
@ripon0630 | MOD - Community Manager

Have a question? please contact us via Discord https://discord.com/invite/zfEgbtZ2


We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for Steem-Database you can give any delegation you like :

Alternative links delegates to @hive-163291



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