Steemit Travel - Mane Bireun Lake Hill as well as Meusahoe Camp Volume 2 event (#burnsteem25)

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Good evening, sustainable greetings for nature lovers and also for myself, how are you, all of you steemian citizens of the world, hopefully all are well, and this time I will post and promote a beautiful place in the residence where I am, especially the Indonesian steemian citizens who are in the province of aceh.

A well-known hill in Bireun Regency, it has been around for a long time with the formation of a hill that has been made a tourist spot at this time, approximately 2 years with a place on the hill seen views of the city of Bireun at night, the city lights are very clear and also the scenery In the afternoon, you can see a beautiful sunset, in the morning you can also feel the morning sun rising in the east, everything can be felt on this Mane Lake hill.


A few months ago there was an event on this hill, namely the MEUSAHOE CAMP VOLUME 2 event which had previously been made but the first documentation no longer existed, and this time I will explain first what MEUSAHOE is CAMP, meusahoe camp is a community of outdoor climbers which is a community that unites nature activists there, by holding events like this climbers from various regions get to know each other, on the positive side by holding gathering events like this, brotherhood will be more awake to each other.

Location of Mane Lake Hill:



Telaga Mane hill is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, from the town of Bireun, Telaga Mane hill is only approximately 3 km away, for the roads there are many accesses to get there, starting from the front road of the Reulet SBPU, entering the village, sharpening dayah bireun, and the side asphalt road. BMC Hospital on juli-takengon road.

Access to the top of the hill




If you look at it with a height of 150 meters, of course, by hearing the distance traveled, you must be very tired if you walk on foot, but right now the road that is being made can make it very easy for visitors to get up there, by riding a motorbike. and also the car can be felt from now on, for the financing there is no charge at all, because the place is still very natural, sometimes for those of us who want to relax can also enjoy the air from above by drinking and eating there, because there is also available a casual caffee for the visitors.

but at that time when I left by participating in the meusahoe camp volume 2 a lot of penguiung were present, even more or less at the event that was made there were also around 200 more people present on the hill of Telaga Mane, by following the events that were made, such as do tug of war events, sack races and also several other events, with beautiful night views you can feel the air and the city lights of Bireun from that height, there are also several photo spots there.






On the hill, Lake Mane can also set up a tent, and spend the night there, but sometimes there is a sense of loneliness and boredom but for the signal that is still active and smooth and electric power is now available on the hill, with time a new place is always there visitors during the day usually, in the afternoon even the residents who are down there go to the top just to enjoy the air that is above the beauty of the hill of Lake Mane.

So for my travel post this time in my post, thank you all of you who have read and also visited my post in the #travel category, I hope you like my post, greetings from me @realworld23.

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