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Happy to see you again travel friends, how are you now?, I hope you are all happy, calm, peaceful and still love what you should hate. Because the real basis of life is to love what we hate, actually here you have found the meaning of a perfect life with a peaceful heart. Talking about love, of course not everyone has a pure love, even our family, relatives and girlfriends will leave with a broken heart.

Love, peace, loss, tears to memories remain stored in a memory. Maybe you can see the meaning of it through the photo above. Love will run aground as you leave, laugh at the old, talk about the dead, remember the likes and sometimes even hate the sad. Love will lose its identity when you are gone forever. The peace of life after leaving makes some people laugh, on the other hand there are people who cry for your peace, sleep in peace, because death is a choice.


Right behind me standing, the garden of death has been neatly prepared. To remember, see and understand the meaning of struggle. Many but silent, silent with the scattered charm of the wind, sometimes even fear whispers to the small feathers. Imagine, don't know what came to mind, the little fur was getting more violent when I entered the gates of this garden of death. Outside looks majestic, but inside are only small houses for those who have passed away. Don't know how many, but from end to end, this park is not fun to be a place to joke.

This holiday I will again invite you to the city of Banda Aceh, the city at the tip of the island of Sumatra and also the most tip of Indonesia in the western part. Aceh is the last province in the western tip of Indonesia, as well as being a doorstop, peacekeeper and others related to western Indonesia. In Aceh, you will find a lot of history, ranging from the history of the kingdom, war, the struggle of the heroines and so on.


The Dutch military cemetery complex or KERKHOF PEUCUT is right next to the Aceh Tsunami Museum. Kerkhof Peucut is a burial place for Dutch soldiers who died during the Aceh war against the Dutch. Quoting from Wikipedia, the war took place between 1873 and 1904. Kerkhof Peucut has an area of up to 3.5 hectares, making this place the largest Dutch military cemetery outside the Netherlands.

If you visit there, you will see many graves of the cross on the left and right of the road. Around 2200 more graves of the cross are lined up neatly, you will also find many names of Dutch soldiers written on the shoulder of the Kerkhof Peucut wall. To add insight, I think you need to visit here and see for yourself how serious the Dutch wanted to dominate the Aceh region at that time.

video by @pojan

Indeed, there is no direct story about the chronology of the war at that time, but interestingly you will see firsthand how the writing on the tombstone seems to tell about the struggle of his life until his death. Along the cemetery road, there are several monuments, shady trees, flower gardens and accompanied by the cries of small birds.

The walls of the Kerkhof building, neatly arranged with the names of Dutch soldiers who have died, about 2200 names are recorded by hand carved artists. Bitter, not even one of them wants to die outside their own homeland, but fate is not on their side, the skeleton of death has been recorded that they will never return to their homeland. The aceh fighters at that time had buried their dream of winning.


General Majoor J.H.R Kohler, his name is now just a display, a memory as the meaning of the struggle for Dutch history. Johan Herman Rudolf Kohler, a Jewish man who worked as the commander of the Dutch army to cripple the Aceh Sultanate Palace in 1873. However, the plan was buried by the bullet of an Acehnese sniper at that time. He died three months before he turned 55. Kohler was shot dead in the yard of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Banda Aceh.

Kohler was then flown to Batavia to be buried there, precisely in the Tanah Abang area (the center of the Jakarta market), in Batavia, Kohler was buried as his last resting place. But unfortunately, Kohler's grave had to be dismantled due to the construction of a building and market in Tanah Abang. Then the removal of the Kohler bones was exhumed for transfer to Kerkhoff Aceh at the request of the Dutch government.

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