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Hi everyone. I'm Liezel A. Macad, from the Philippines. I'm 26 year old and currently living in Manticao Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. I taken up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I will be in 4th year college In August.

My hobbies are playing musical instruments, singing, making crafts, I love photography and editing videos.

I want to join in this community.Its very advantage to be here in this community to learn more about the cultures, traditions and to witness the beauty and uniqueness of the different places in the world. I have a desire to go and explore other countries in God's time.

Hopefully, I get verification. God bless you

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welcome, we look forward to seeing your publications!!!

Thank you so much Sir @hotspotitaly .

Liezel. I reviewed your profile and I found you're already verified in New Comers community. All you had to do was to drop that link in the post where you wrote earlier by your selfie picture for travel community. So there's no need to re post again your introduction post as the community account stated before:

To get a label as a MEMBER, you only need to include a verification photo and an achievement 1 posting link.

That's why I did say you to look for the previous publication if you already done it.

Read carefully the pinned publications next time okay? I dropped your link over there so it can be visible and get verified in the travel group.

I warmly welcome you to the Travel Community. ✈️

Sorry Ma'am. I'm little bet confused.. Thank you so much for helping me.

Don't worry. We're here to help out and guarantee the best experience in the Blockchain. Happy Steeming from now on. Hope to read you soon in the community. Have a nice weekend.

Yes Ma'am ,I will. I know one day I can learn more here Ma'am . Thanks a lot.

Waiting for your travel blog 🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for your waiting Sir. I will post later on. I'm a little busy now.

Thank you so much Sir.

You are welcome 👍🏻🚀

Welcome to Steemit @ling2x22 :)

Thank you so much @silent-ghost

Most welcome To Great Community @SteemitTravel:
Such a We Are so lucky to part this great Community @steemittravel.
Again Most Welcome:

Your Beloved :: @arslanaj

Thank you so Much Sir. @arslanaj

Congratulations !!!

You got upvote from the Steemit Travel community.

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  • Original posting and dont plagiarism.

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