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Hi friends

While waiting to be at 100% health-wise, and to be able to travel, unfortunately in the past few days I have been struck down by covid which has debilitated me to some extent, I share with you the photos I took again at the end of winter in Casale Monferrato, a town of more than 35,000 inhabitants in the province of Alessandria in Piedmont.


But why do I want to tell you about this place?

We must say that historically this place has always been important, from the Roman period, where one of the first defence points in the north was built here, to the lords of Mantua, the Gonzagas, who built rich residences and important castles here, but it is here that one of Piedmont's typical, world-famous biscuits is produced: I Krumiri.


historic shop still active where they sell krumini

Over the past few days, since a friend of mine had passed through these parts and brought me a beautiful gift of biscuits, (I bless him for this) I decided to make a video, where I explain the history of this typical product and what it represents for this country, but above all what I think of this sweet at the end of the video.

Here in Casale Monferrato you can still find the shop where this delicious biscuit was invented.


⬆ In the video you can activate the subtitles in all languages, to better understand the text ⬆

This city has many monuments to visit, as well as many typical products to try, remember that in addition to the famous Krumiri biscuits, there are typical cheeses, cold cuts, and many types of wine, it is a very active area in agriculture.



As a city, it was at the centre of many wars, such as the Italian Independence War, and many peace treaties were signed here; in fact, as you can see from the photos, there are important palaces, also because in the early 1950s, numerous companies began to develop here, which brought much wealth, but also, as in the case of the famous Eternit factory, many deaths.


One of the most polluted production sites in Italy still stands here, this factory that used to make insulators, ETERNIT, which to this day has still not been cleaned up, I have not even been able to get close to it, but it is still causing so many cancers to the locals.

In fact, after this the town lost its attractiveness, and declined industrially, only food and agriculture remain here.

I hope you have found this story interesting, sometimes certain places that seem beautiful always hide unpleasant things.

Thank you for reading this far

See you in the next post.

Bye and good health to all.

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