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Hello Steemit travel friends.

I hope things are going well and everything is progressing in the right direction, I am making this post because it is time to award the best photo of the week, if you remember I had organized this contest due to the fact that I had reached 3000 STEEM, below is last week's post:


Rosa e Grigio Foto Collezione di Bellezza Anteprima YouTube (2).jpg


This you see above is the photo I chose and awarded, I was very impressed by these photos and thank @digi-me for sharing them, also in Italy there are several saline areas, but not so beautiful! congratulations to the author of the shots!!

Here you can see his postπŸ‘‰

By tonight I will send you the 5 award Trx!


Another important goal was reached by the STEEMIT TRAVEL community, we reached 500 members, among them a 70 always active with their posts, this is a good goal, you have to understand that this community was born only 2 months ago.

🚨Next goal to get to 1000! And make the community members themselves more active, in fact I will organize a new contest specifically for the best photo of the week, but that will come with a new post tomorrow.🚨

Thanks for everyone who joined this community and actively post their travel experience every day, keep it up, because we are growing day by day more and more!

Thank you all and have a great day!!!

Black Modern Blogger YouTube Channel Art.jpg


Best Regard,
cc @steemcurator01

Thanks to @pennsif & @stephenkendal

@ponpase | ADMIN - FOUNDER

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This is such a nice great dynamic for this impressive milestone that was reached in a short time. I was also astonished with photographies from Digi Me in Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

Big achievement for our steemit travel community .

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Thanks for the mention! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘