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Hello fellow travellers

In this new post of mine, I always want to take you on a discovery of some small place in Italy, certainly less well known from the tourist point of view. We are talking about a small medieval village located in the northernmost part of Lake Garda, exactly in the Trentino Alto Adige region. Walking into this hamlet is a bit like stepping into a fairy tale, and just think that after the Second World War, this hamlet was practically in a state of disrepair, but fortunately artists from all over the world have tried to restore it and make it more beautiful.




I have been there several times, especially for those who are close by there is a very beautiful lake with emerald-coloured water that I will certainly tell you about in another post, let's just say that coming to this hamlet in the summer is not quite so characteristic, eh however, every time I have been there I have always found so many people coming to discover this ancient hamlet and this is a good thing.



The best time for me to visit is during the winter when a beautiful Christmas Market is organised in the streets of this quaint village. I hope to be able to be there this year because due to the pandemic it had been cancelled for several years.




Currently only 50 people live in this hamlet, the rest of the houses are houses that are only used for holidays or I have seen that some houses are also rented out for tourists like airbnb.




There are so many similar villages in Italy that have unfortunately fallen into disrepair over time, and it is a good thing to see that this one has been completely restored, in fact it is very much valorised and the locals as you can see from the photos.




The only negative thing about the place from my point of view is that there is very little accommodation, I only found one bar and there was no restaurant, in fact to eat I had to walk a few kilometres and move to the neighbouring village, so this is something to take into consideration if you come to visit this place. A local gentleman, with whom I spoke kindly, let me know that on some Sundays, performances are organised to show the old jobs that used to be carried out in the village, this is a very interesting thing because it can be very interesting for families who have young children, is that certain old jobs have never seen them.



Thank you, if you have come this far with reading the post, I hope you have found this mi racconto interesting, I will see you in the next post.

Greetings, and have a good day

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Bonito pueblo amigo, parece salido de “Juego de Tronos” jejejeje esas casas de piedra tienen pinta de ser muy acogedoras. Saludos

Bangunan dari batu yang sangat mn ensrik dan eksotis. Dengan tatanan bunga yang simpel namun begitu memanjakan keindahannya.

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You're welcome

Your trip to Italy was wonderful. Especially the travel stories and travel photography were quite spectacular and enjoyable. Which are signs of ancient civilization. Looking at the photographs reminded me of the ancient civilization and it was very nice to know about the whole day of your trip. Thank you so much for sharing your travel moments with us.

Thank you for your comment, I live in Italy and I want to introduce people to the lesser known places in Italy, the traditions and food, and the customs.
Going to these places is always like going back in time.