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Hello travel friends wherever you are...

The following is the announcement of the winner for the Contest Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week #4 - 3 Best Travel Moments. In this week contest which took place on 19 - 25 September 2022, the total participants who have participated are 58 Users. 58 Users with a total of 58 posts have presented their best posts in the Steemit Engagement Contest Season 4 Week 4 edition.

In week 4, Users should post about their 3 best travel moments. There are many moments they can share in the community, be it moments with their family, friends, or partners. They are invited to make posts about what travel moments they think are the most memorable so far.

The post should contain about 3 moments in different locations or places. Include subtitles (My Best Moment 1, My Best Moment 2 and My Best Moment 3) in the post. Then fill in the post by entering information, for each subtitle it must include information about: the name of the place, a brief description of the location or place, the time of the moment, experiences and memories that make you admire the moment.

In week 4 the case is still the same, there are many users who still include the words "by ...@" or "Club" "Bursteem25" in their titles, even though it's not important, so just add an interesting title. In adding an address, users shouldn't need to include a screenshot from google maps or what3words, just enter a link to the address they mean. Then, some users don't list all the required information, such as the year of their moment.

In the case of image quality, there are a lot of images that are of low quality and are not neatly placed in the post. It's a good idea for users to just upload a few good photos instead of having to load all the images in them, because that will look untidy. Image layout and writing style need to be learned, it's a good idea for users to go back to studying the features of the Markdown Styling Guide tools.

We are constantly working to provide guidance to users. Finally after doing the selection and discussing with our team. This week we have got 3 quality posts that deserve to be included in the TOP POST assessment.


The following are the 3 best posts that have been selected by our team and have gone through the stages of verification and assessment of their work. We also attach the reasons why we chose them into the Top Post

TitleUser NameClub StatusPoint
palacio3230922.jpgMy 3 Best Travel Moments - Steemit Engagement Season 4 - España, Marruecos y Gibraltar.@tocho2#CLUB7590

Our team said :"Author explore three different beautiful location as her travel experiences and memories there. Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar these three places sounds really great travel destination and the blog is attractive to travel lovers. She shares superb photos from those different places."

TitleUser NameClub StatusPoint
image.pngMy 3 Best Travel Moments - Steemit Engagement Season 4 - Unforgettable Memories@liasteem#CLUB10090

Our team said : "The author enjoys quality time with friends and family in beautiful places in Aceh. Their visit to the zoo sounds more interesting than their visit to beautiful places with natural resources that represent blogs perfectly. I cherish the moments of his journey that he shared with us, also she has presented the culture and local wisdom of tourism in Takengon."

TitleUser NameClub StatusPoint
image.png Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week 4 - 3 Best Travel Moments - by prilly@prilly#CLUB10085

Our team said : "Beautiful photos, nice presentation, simple but beautiful, complied with all the rules of the competition.".


We have also compiled a list of users who are actively engaged in this week. Users on this list are users who are actively interacting with posts through comments. The number of comments is calculated on the basis of the main comment points on other users' posts, this does not include the number of comments on the owner's posts.

As a form of our implementation for the program Steemit Travel Contest Comments - Win 10 STEEM Every Week! [Support Steemit Engagement]. We have also provided prizes with a total of 10 TRX for users who are active in steemit engagement season 4 week 4. The following is a list of active users who are entitled to receive prizes on the week.

UsernameNumber of CommentsRewards
@sailwana LINK+ 45 ...5 TRX
@dederanggayoni LINK+ 28 ...3 TRX
@liasteem LINK+ 16 ...2 TRX

In addition there are also several other users who are actively involved and interact with the comments. Those who are also actively responding in the comments are @nadiaturrina, @patjeweell, @leicorp.


The post has been rated by our professional and fair team. The assessment covers the following aspects: Original content, Description and use of words, The suitability of the topic and description in the post, Creativity and writing style, The number of comments, engagement and achievement of all the rules that have been set. Here we attach the results of the assessment carried out by the jury.

Based on the results of the assessment above, the following is a list of winners :


After going through a series of assessments until the end of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 on Steemit Travel, we got a number of users who are active in engagement, either through participating in contests or actively providing comments. The following are the Best Users for Steemit Engagement Season 4 in the Steemit Travel Community :

  1. @liasteem LINK Score : 340

  2. @sailwana LINK Score : 325

  3. @dederanggayoni LINK Score : 298

Congratulations to all the winners, we would love to see your posts in the next contest. Look forward to the next contest which will be released soon. Rewards to winners will be transferred no later than 2X24 Hours.

Thank you to @alegnita, @hotspotitaly and @ripon0630 who have helped with the verification and selection for the winners.


Please also read some Steemit Travel community guides that can help you to increase your contribution to the community:

Best Regard,

Thanks to steemcurator01

Thanks to stephenkendal

@ponpase | ADMIN - FOUNDER

Have a question? please contact us via Discord


We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for Steem-Database you can give any delegation you like :

Alternative links delegates to @hive-163291



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Hello friend!
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Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
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What a good result my friends, because the chosen ones made very good participations, I congratulate you for that and for doing an excellent job during this time, from ❤️ I tell you, they made good challenges.
I also congratulate our winning friends 🎉🎉
Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Thank you for choosing my post as ine top entry,
Congratulations for @tocho2 and @prilly anda all steemian friends, always good luck for this community 😇🤗👍

Thanks @liasteem friend, congrats to you too...!

thank you for choosing Prilly on this opportunity to be the winner in the contest that has been organized by the Travel community, always successful and successful for this community, congratulations too for @liasteem and @tocho2 for being a winner, always success to all of us.

Selamat juga untuk mu sayang,
Terimakasih atas ucapan nya

Thanks a lot @prilly, you did a great job too.

Selamat untuk semua pemenang dan sukses bagi pihak menyelenggara

Congratulation to all winner week 4 @tocho2 @liasteem and @prilly.

Also thanks for all the team steemit travel for choosing me as the best user. I really appreciate it, And I'm so happy join at the contest since week 1 untill week 4.
Keep it up everyone and steem.on!!

Thank you sis for the support.

You are welcome my dear..

Hello @sailawana friend, I did not expect to win this time, it has been very exciting, thanks for the support

Congrate to the winners

Thanks a lot for the mention and choosing my post.

I'm very happy for this.

And sincerely congrats to @liasteem and @prilly, I send you a big hug from Venezuela

greetings back from Indonesia dear, Have a good day for you dear.


An amazing and outrageous experience we had so far with all of you by partaking in contests from travel community during the whole challenge. I only can say thank you all so much for being active here in the group of travelers. Let's see you soon.