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Steemit Team

The following is the Steemit Travel community submission for Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5. We hope that this post can be considered for the Steemit team.

The purpose of community

The Steemit Travel Community is here to inspire many people on Steemit. We are an open community to share content about travel stories, backpackers, tourism, local wisdom, beautiful nature and exploring the beautiful earth.


Discover and share the beauty of the earth and inspiration with us in the Steemit Travel community. We are the only community on Steemit that aims to empower travelers, adventurers, backpackers, lovers of culture and history (Culture Vulture), travel companies and transportation services. We are here to provide more inspiration, beauty, and investment opportunities in the travel and tourism business that is open without restrictions on Steemit.


“To become a fair, honest, transparent and wise Steemit Travel community page that can provide investment opportunities for everyone involved in the travel sector”

  • Work efficiently to increase the participation of Steemit users in the travel sector.
  • Give rewards to everyone who shares travel posts in the Steemit Travel community.
  • Inviting more investors in the travel sector to increase the economic value of Steem in the future.
  • Provide guidance to every member of the community.
  • Give people from all over the country the opportunity to share travel posts.
  • Carry out wise management and governance, and collaborate with various communities on Steemit.
  • Make the community page an opportunity to develop financial technology in the travel sector and be able to make an income impact for everyone.

"Share Your Travel and Earn Money"

Read about Steemit Travel community goals:

A brief history of community

intro steemit travel.png

The Steemit Travel community was created by @ponpase on 09 June 2022 at the initiative and request of community members at Steem-Travelers. @ponpase was previously a Moderator working for the Steem-Travelers community. However, after the founder of the Steem-Travelers community left and deactivated the Steem-Travelers community, many community members were disappointed and contacted @ponpase to find a way out of the problem.

On that basis, @ponpase created a new community with the name Steemit Travel, a community created on the basis of shared ownership with all community members. As it goes, the community continues to be developed by inviting the participation of community members voluntarily to delegate STEEM POWER to the @hive-163291 account. Less than a month running, the Steemit Travel community has reached up supported to 13 K STEEM POWER.

The founder of the community continues to strive to improve community development, including by collaborating with the support of the Steem-Database community and @stephenkendal to increase the value of posts on the community page. Along the way, the founder also continues to build communication and recruit a number of teams who act as moderators to control and run the community to achieve the community's vision and mission based on the provisions of the Steemit policy.

In less than a month, the number of subscribers continues to grow, until now it has reached 922 subscribers. Active posting also continues every day, at least we get 5-10 active posts that are shared every day by community members with a total active poster currently of 120. We also continue to strive to increase the contribution of community members through weekly contests.

For the hard work, involvement and support of all parties, in July 2022 the Steemit Travel community has received BOOMING support. Our team continues to improve on community management and development, including in terms of investment. We have also consistently increased resources, including allocating TRON for trading to STEEM and power ups and we have reached 1,996 STEEM POWER community accounts, the value of which is increasing rapidly over a 1 month period.

As of the win of season 4, there are more than 200 posts have participated in the contest for 4 weeks. A pretty fantastic number with extraordinary fans in the contests that we held on Steemit Travel. With various ideas, we encourage participants to grow and contribute to the contest every week, one of which is through campaigns on Discord groups, Whats App, Twitter and Affiliate Invites through contest participants.

Find traces of the history of the Steemit Travel community:

A list of all Founders, Administrators and Moderators


The team chosen for this community is very diverse, there are even more experienced people who can guide new users and people who just joined Steemit a few months ago who will thus be trained to have more skills on the platform. The following is a list of the Steemit Travel community team consisting of Admins and Moderators.

NameJoinedTotal SPClub StatusCountryLanguage
@ponpase08/201712,566.42#CLUB5050 Going #CLUB75IndonesiaIndonesia, Melayu, English
@ripon063012/202012,555.21#CLUB100BangladeshEnglish, Bangla
@hotspotitaly07/20217,758.54#CLUB100ItalyItalian, English
@alegnita07/20207,925.60#CLUB5050VenezuelaSpanish, English
@loloy202007/20206,645.57#CLUB75PhilippinesTagalog, English, Visayan

The details of our role/leadership in the Steemit Travel community are as follows:

They have already been presented in this post, but what matters is what support it will provide for the growth of the community and Steemit. Read on for some updates and greetings from our amazing team.

Details of community curation account, how it is being built up and who holds the keys

Community nameCommunity account nameSteem PowerSubcribersActive
Steemit Travel@hive-16329112,429.55 SP ( 1,996.41 + 10,433.14 )922120

CSI 5.png

We are actively using community accounts all the time to increase the value of quality posts. With a total activity that includes: Vote Count 2,025 upvotes, 4,055 upvotes received and Voting CSI 8.8 ( 0.00 % self, 113 upvotes, 53 accounts, last 7d ). We always use voting power to curate users to a minimum voting power level of 80% within 24 hours.

The curation of community members is based on the number of rating scores received on their posts. Posts with a minimum rating of 5/10 with an upvote percentage of 50%-60%. Meanwhile, quality posts are rated 7-10/10 with an upvote percentage of 75%-100%.

To increase community account resources, the Steemit Travel community actively creates daily posts with the theme TOP DAILY POST, Weekly Contests, Weekly Reports, Notifications, Announcements and vote support from @stephenkendal and collaboration community accounts ( @steemitphcurator, @steempreneurship, @steem-database ). We are also open to receiving volunteer support from delegates who can help grow value.

Rewards earned on the community account will be used for contest allocation and will be fully used for POWE UP periodically. The use of rewards is only prioritized on contest support and power ups. Meanwhile, some percent of the reward may also be used for donations to potential projects.

The community key is safe because it is owned by @ponpase and @ripon0630, very experienced users who started building Steemit. Keys are stored online and offline in a secure and protected database system and private vault. In case of need, only our family can access the key. Limiting the use of key access aims to facilitate tracking of activity and account history, of course, to reduce the risk of misuse.

Details of the community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts


The Steemit Travel community sets rules to check every post that has been shared on the community page. Our team consists of experienced people with different backgrounds and locations. This makes it easier for us to check posts, where every day regularly our team is always active in the community at different times for 24 hours we can reach all posts.

Generally, each team has a duty to check up to 5-10 posts for 24 hours, it runs continuously at regular intervals. Even at different times, other team members can also double-check on suspected posts. Periodically the team is always active and gives each other their involvement on the community page.

Of course what distinguishes the Steemit Travel community from others is the fact that the diversity of the team certainly brings a lot of value, everyone has features in certain functions that are useful in maintaining high quality in the community. We wanted to put in place a number of tools to check if blogger posts are as original as possible, but above all we try to help users improve the quality of their posts by providing useful guides/tips.

  • Our checks pay attention to the quality level of the original posts by using the plagiarism checker web tool
  • Checks are also performed manually with translation into the user's native language and detection of words that may have been prephased
  • Checks are also related to the use of grammar, writing style, club status, steemexclusive, tagging and mentions
  • Photo inspection will use support web as well as google lens
  • The team actively checks posts and leaves reports in the comments column in a standard format
  • Every abuser will be given a WARNING label, up to 3 WARNING maximum and will be blacklisted
The web plagiarism checker uses:
To check the club status of users, we use:
Each member also has to go through a verification process to get a membership label:
Every member of the community is also required to support each other, engage and interact in the comments
Comment Activity

Standard Comment Type

Screenshot (112).png

Guide Comment Type

Screenshot (73).png

Types of Comments for Abuser

Screenshot (74).png

Recheck Comment Type

Screenshot (72).png

Community Account Comment Type

Screenshot (75).png

Details of how the community helps members improve the quality of their posts


The entire team is involved to drive post quality improvement. It was started by our team by making quality posts and meeting the quality standards of the Steemit Travel community. We continue to encourage community members to improve the quality of their posts by including quality posts in the TOP POST DAILY lists and Weekly Reports.

The Steemit Travel community has set standard post quality rules, namely original posts consisting of 300 words with a minimum of 3 images. Efforts to provide guidance are also continuously provided by our team through the comments column and linking them to several sources that can be used as references to improve quality. Our team engages in the comments section to provide them with guidelines for making quality posts.

Another guide is to make educational posts or tutorials to improve the quality of posts. We also seek to increase their contribution through holding weekly contests in an effort to challenge them to make quality posts. Involvement to provide guidance also involves fellow community members.

Building communication and interacting with fellow users in the Steemit Travel community is a goal that we want to achieve. We want you to be involved in actively responding to what other users have shared on the Steemit Travel community page. Interact with each other, provide feedback, guidance, support and motivate other users for the posts they share.

We also open a discussion room guided by our team through the discord service. This service is to provide education to community members and seek to help community members from the problems they face. The following is the MOD schedule is active in general english in Discord:

We also provide guidelines for post quality improvement:
Investment and marketing increase planning
Successful and ongoing contests

The community should not have any compulsory delegation or beneficiary for votes policy

nol br.png

Through this release we would like to announce that the Steemit Travel community is the only community without a defined beneficiary reward rule. Community members don't even need to be required to set the beneficiary reward to the community account. We want to start our efforts to become a community with 0% beneficiary reward and no delegate obligation rules as a condition for getting support.

We have announced this release through this post: Steemit Travel is a Community With 0% Beneficiary Reward - Free and No Payout Rules

Reasons why community should be selected for the Challenge

We think Steemit needs a travel community because blogs should be a basic tool for those who want to describe their experiences in depth. But as we noticed, a traveler definitely needs a blog where he can find quality. Actually we have higher ambitions (dreams cost nothing) to be able to pick up the most interesting users especially those who come from traditional social networks.

With some of the information presented above, it is worth considering getting support and being selected as a supported community on the Steemit Engagement Challenge list. Some reasons that can be considered:

  • Having a professional and experienced team from various backgrounds and countries, a solid team to achieve the vision and mission of the community.
  • Support collaboration with other communities on Steemit
  • Has 922 Subscribers with 120 actives and daily posts up to 5-10 posts
  • Community account has 12 K Steem Power resource which is actively used daily to generate value.
  • Active community accounts make daily, weekly posts, notifications, announcements.
  • The only community without the rules beneficiary of rewards and mandatory delegation.
  • The community team actively checks posts, comments and provides guidance.
  • The community is active in conducting weekly contests
  • Having a creative team such as @alegnita who promotes steemit through Tik Tok social media and @hotspotitaly who actively promotes through Youtube.
  • Community created on the basis of ownership that can be managed jointly between the team and community members.
  • The only community focused on empowering, promoting and investing TRON (TRX) to STEEM POWER.
  • Building social media marketing through twitter:
  • Gather and build communication with all members through discord :
  • Our connection will grow through tik tok :

Team Contact

The following is a list of contact addresses for our discord team that can be contacted:

  • ponpase#2931
  • ripon0630#4573

We would like to thank all Steemit staff who have supported us since the founding of this community. We really hope to get this support. Even if you don't give us this opportunity, we will do everything to achieve our goals because we are motivated and because it will always be a good experience.

Background illustration by Pixabay

Best Regard,

cc @steemitblog @steemcurator01

@ponpase & team

Discord : ponpase#2931


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Apart from the fact that the team has qualified and capable hands to run It's
affairs, this community also provide entertaining and fun-filled contest for every steemian. With my observation thus far, this team deserves another shot for Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5.

Let's get started once again to engage with all steemians around the Blockchain of Steemit. Ready to go on fifth season. Regards to everyone.

High recomended untuk mendapatkan kepercayaan dari tim steemit... Sudah terbukti melaksanakan kontes challenge dengan sangat baik

@tipu curate

Muchos éxitos espero logres tu propósito

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @dsc-r2cornell, which is the curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community.

Manually curated by @jasonmunapasee


We have been involved with the community since the beginning of this community and are trying our best to work well with you. The Community Manager is our Bangladeshi Ripon Bhai. We have progressed nicely with their support. We always wish to be by your side. The Steemit Travel community is moving along nicely, we're always there for you.

It is a great Community is wonderful.
We learn and know about the World and its wonderful tourist sites thanks to her, they are a great team and she already has the experience of the Challenge. Hopefully you can have the opportunity again for the 5th season of the Challenge. hits

Muy buena aplicación para esta temporada 5, han realizado un gran trabajo en la temporada pasada.

Les deseo exito en esta aplicación.

We belong to the steemit Travel Community Share travel activities Moreover, we are very happy to share our pastimes and travel stories here. Hopefully season 5 will give us a chance to write again and make ourselves part of the competition. There is a lot of hope in the heart that we can express ourselves again in season 5

Hola, particularmente me gustan las comunidades donde su prioridad son los viajes y temas relacionados... La comunidad de Steemit Travel, se ha posicionado en poco tiempo debido, al empeño y bases muy bien establecidas

Aquí podemos expresar los buenos momentos que vivimos en cada viaje, y de esta manera realzamos el turismo a nivel internacional...

Muchas veces nos desvivimos viajando, como mi caso, y resulta que bellezas naturales destacadas, están en nuestro estado, ciudad, país...

The Season 4 Engagement Challenge was a hit in the Steem Travels community. Hopefully the Season Five Engagement Challenge will be given to the Steem Travels community.

Best of luck

Let's go Steemit Travel Community for the next season of Steemit Engagement Challenge... Good luck and God Bless 🙏...

Very deserving community and I wish you good luck to get the chance once again.

Steemit travel doing amazing work in steemit community. They trying to publish best travel destinations through out the world,from conducting lot of contest here.

Hope in next season also thry get a chance. Best of luck .

I think Steemit Travel is a must here on Steemit, i mean it is such an awesome feeling of seeing different places on earth as you said in your article the diversity of moderators also affects the posts here in this community. I think this will be big in the future! depends on the collaboration you have in mind right now

We have been involved in this community since the beginning and are doing our best to work well with you. Community Manager is our Bangladeshi Ripon brother, we will always try to work with him

This community is suitable to be re-elected in the next Steemit Engagement Challenge Season application, a good community, a well-structured report indicates the founder and the mod has work hard, hopefully this time re-elected. good luck community.

I really support the @steemittravel community
where we can share amazing experiences while traveling with friends of other #steemit users.
good luck!!

Dukungan penuh dari saya untuk komunitas steemit tavel. Semoga bisa kembali terpilih menjadi salah satu komunitas penyelenggara kontes steemit engagement challange season 5. All best wishes for steemit travel community

This community is constantly growing, we are now at 1000 members in three months, it is great to share our travel experiences here!!!🎉🎉🎉

We have done well in the just concluded season and we will do even more better this season if given the opportunity. I wish us luck. #steem-on

Sukses untuk seluruh tim, semoga kalian terpilih