Environmental pollution can also arise from Social Life Factors

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Every day people have a high level of activity. One of the daily activities carried out by residents is shopping. How not, shopping centers are easy to find. No need to go to the supermarket, go out to the end of the road a little, there will be a mini market or roadside stall

The object most often used when shopping, apart from money, of course, is a plastic bag. It is undeniable that plastic has become one of the basic necessities in everyday life, almost every activity or need will be easier by using plastic. Starting from waking up to going back to sleep, it is almost impossible if someone does not use plastic objects, at least 2 times.


With its abundant uses, plastic is the main basic material that is easy to process and trade. However, the ease of processing plastic is a double-edged sword for society. On the one hand, plastic processing factories can attract large numbers of workers so as to reduce unemployment, but the pragmatic nature of the majority of the population towards plastics ultimately leads to environmental pollution.

Efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags have been initiated through a policy set by the government, namely the paid plastic policy. The policy was piloted on February 21, 2016 and followed by all members of modern retailers who are members of the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo) in 22 cities in Indonesia. Even so, the amount of plastic waste is still high. Apart from the pragmatic nature of the majority of the community, another possibility why the policy was not effective was that the price set could be said to be too cheap, namely 200 rupiah per bag.

The low price of plastic bags and the high use of plastic bags in daily life ultimately fail to overcome the amount of plastic waste generated by the population. According to InSWA (Indonesian Waste Association), by 2021, plastic waste will amount to 5.4 million tons per year (14% of total waste production). This amount is 1.8 tons more than paper waste.


If this number remains stagnant or even increases, the landfill may no longer be able to accommodate waste, so it must be thrown into the water or left alone.

Thus, it can be concluded that social factors (concern for the environment) are the main factors in the occurrence of environmental pollution due to plastic waste.

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Here in Europe, plastic recycling is not yet perfect either, but it is going in the right direction: since plastic cannot be completely demonised - it has unique useful properties - it should generally be about sensible, mindful use and recycling...

Hier in Europa läuft es mit dem Kunstoffrecycling auch noch nicht perfekt, aber es geht in die richtige Richtung: da man Kunstoff nicht gänzlich verteufeln kann - er hat einzigartige nützliche Eigenschaften - sollte es generell um sinnvolle, achtsame Nutzung und Wiederverwertung gehen...

Iya. Teman ku.
Saya pikir memang pola hidup kita yang mengurangi pengguaan bahan plastik adalah salah satu solusinya.