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The environment walks on the footprints of women. Hundreds of years have passed, women have struggled against patriarchal philosophers, feudal lords, politicians, and even dared to free themselves from a single interpretation of subordinated and discriminatory religious texts in order to fight for their rights as women, free human beings.

Moved by women's struggles, the environment began its struggle, and for the first time voiced its voice through Christopher D. Stone with his famous paper "Should Tree have Standing?"

Which then gave birth to bright ideas which were then able to give birth to a new ethic that we know as The New Kind of Ethic as a sign that today the environment is a moral subject.

Is this struggle over? We don't think we're even that far from the Start line. Because women still continue to struggle against the subordinate social stratification that is still going on in many countries today (Indonesia is no exception), underage girl marriages, deprivation of education and political rights, sexual harassment and many more.

As with women, the constraints faced by the environment further complicate the struggle; forest fires, monocultures, illegal logging, oil spills in the oceans, climate change and many more.

The sense of solidarity in the struggle is getting stronger. Not only understand, it is women who feel the most environmental struggles in demanding their rights, this is because they have long evolved in the same struggle.




Climate Change and the suffering of women

Climate change is getting worse, for some of them it may not have much impact, but it is a different story for Ntoya Sande (13) from Malawi who was forced to marry by his parents because he could no longer support himself. because of floods that destroy their crops or for others. Ethiopian and Sudanese women are trafficked for livestock by their families due to the extreme drought that makes it difficult for them.

Another example is seen in central Africa, precisely around Lake Chad. Currently, 90 percent of the Lake has disappeared. This certainly has an impact on the nomadic natives. Due to the receding lake line, local indigenous women have to walk further to get water. BBC News

In many cases, disaster evacuation also often results in discrimination against women such as the absence of separation between women and men which leads to gender-based violence when distributing food or medicine, especially experienced by women who are victims. violence. household heads, pregnant women and the elderly.




However, despite ample evidence of the multiple impacts women face as a result of disasters, in fact, until now, the representation of women in national and global climate negotiating bodies is still below 30 percent.

History is always capable of giving birth to unexpected surprises, such as the emergence of the Bedouin Arabs from the desert and being able to rule over a third of the world, or who would have thought before that the nomadic tribes that inhabited the mountains of Mongolia. was able to form an army and conquer all of Eurasia in the 13th century.

We certainly hope that the same surprises will occur, such as the disappearance of Patriarchal ideas from all heads of the world community which is the root of the problem of discrimination faced by women or the emergence of common awareness of the whole world community about its dangers. climate change so that the struggle of women and the environment will soon reach the finish line.



However, this fantasy will remain a fantasy if no action is taken, because behind the success of the Mongols and Muslims at that time there was a long and exhausting consolidation effort by Genghis Khan and Prophet Muhammad.

Currently, we need more and more public awareness, because each of us's awareness is a speck of light that illuminates the dark path that must be taken in this struggle. We can together say every discriminatory act against women and the environment that happens around us.

We can also help popularize similar campaigns on our respective social media or if we are able, we can actively participate in similar movements or by donating. To be sure, this struggle must continue to be voiced.

We don't know for sure when we'll get to the finish line maybe tomorrow or next year or ten, twenty or a century from now, but one thing we have to remember is that we'll definitely get to the finish line, and when one day women around world. the world can live without the shadow of discrimination, girls can get a proper education, breathe healthy air and laugh happily with their friends it's all because of you, them and all of us who are struggling today.

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