Club 5050 || The role of regulation in maintaining the function of environmental sustainability

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Countries in the world can be said to have failed to integrate the three pillars of sustainable development (ecological, economic, socio-cultural). As a result, environmental damage threatens the survival of humans and other living things. Therefore, law enforcement is needed to support the negative impact of environmental damage due to development.

The use of environmental control and management strategies is applied to keep pace with economic progress and environmental development. One of them is environmental conservation. The community is required to participate in protecting the surrounding environment.

Law has a big role in this regard as a control instrument to prevent and reduce the negative impacts of development. In addition, law is a channel of certainty, security, protection, and balance in the context of maintaining environmental regulation which is divided into 2 functions, namely preventive and repressive functions.


Therefore, to ensure justice for all Indonesian people, the state provides several channels of rights that can be utilized by all Indonesian people to control and manage all Natural Resources in Indonesia.
However, the state also provides opportunities for legal entities or corporations and even foreign parties in the form of legal entities to be able to manage natural resources in Indonesia. At this point, it is considered that there are still many problems.

This is the reason why Indonesia has not yet received complete justice for its natural resources, so it is not surprising that the people do not stop to continue to demand that agrarian reform be carried out.
Agrarian reform or also called agrarian reform is the process of restructuring (rearranging the structure) ownership, control, and use of agrarian resources (especially land).


In practice, there are three main problems in implementing agrarian reform; first, inequality in state land tenure, secondly the emergence of agrarian conflicts triggered by overlapping land distribution policies in the past, thirdly the emergence of social and ecological crises in rural areas.

In relation to the three main issues, the government feels the need to carry out agrarian reforms that aim to reduce poverty, create jobs, increase public access to economic resources, especially land, reorganize inequality in ownership, use and utilization of land and agrarian resources. , reduce conflicts and disputes over land and agrarian affairs, improve and maintain environmental quality, and ultimately improve community food and energy security.

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