Animalphotography: My 'Awkward' Wish About Animals

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While growing up, apart from my love for cartoons on weekends, watching national geographic, a.k.a NatGeo wild or any other nature documentary was another hobby.

At adulthood, I've unconsciously visited zoos and parks more than stadiums. Quite weird as I think about it 🤣🤣🤣. In one of the visits at a zoo, I snapped some of these animals. Most times, I just wished for a possibility of playing with these animals freely. I've always wanted to have a big 'harmless' Python amongst others.



Test your sight by identifying what's here 🤗


This guy ate and played with his corn 🌽 meal than banana 🍌


The king Queen of the animal world.

The location is Nigeria, and you can see the description with Google map. What's your favourite animal you would have wished to have as a pet?

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Photo bagus, sayangnya tulisannya tidak mencapai 300 kata.