club75 // together with the preparation of goat curry food for iftar together

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Good evening friends, wherever you are, how are you on this happy afternoon, may we all always be in good health and always in the protection of Allah

On this occasion I would like to share some photos of our activities, namely making goat curry dishes for breaking the fast together
Ramadan is indeed very different from other months where this month is the most special among other months because Muslims fast for a full month and where the days that are passed in the month of fasting almost every village and mosque prepares food. free for those who want to join in breaking the fast together and this is one example, namely we prepare dishes both food and drinks for the iftar menu at sunset at our place and here is an educational place where we will break the fast together







On the one hand, this kind of tradition is one of the commendable acts for us to make an example for the world and future generations, which in this case involves various kinds of social status where those who are rich and generous share with those in need of food and a working relationship will be established. together and harmonious social relations help each other in goodness



This is all I can share on this happy occasion, I hope all friends like it, don't forget to give criticism and suggestions. Thank you



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Living in a community love each other👍🌏