Club75 // photography of the beauty of purple wildflowers

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Good evening friends, wherever you are, how are you on this happy afternoon, may we all always be in good health and always in the protection of Allah subhanahuataala.

come back with me on this happy occasion as usual I want to share some of the photos that I have captured using an ordinary cellphone camera.... this time I found a wild flower that has a very bright color, namely blue

This is a wild flower that we often encounter on the streets both in the village and on the roads around it. This city has a very beautiful color, namely purple and green leaves, this flower is also not cultivated because it is considered a weed



this is the shape of the fruit of this flower tree and the flowers that have not bloomed before this flower blooms this flower tree is like wild grass and indeed this we consider wild grass even though the flowers are very beautiful




This is all I can share on this happy occasion, I hope all friends like it, don't forget to give criticism and suggestions. Thank you



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