Club 75 // the beauty of a clear river in takengon aceh-central

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Good afternoon friends, wherever you are, how are you on this happy afternoon, I hope we are all always in good health
On this occasion I want to share some photos that I firmly capture using a regular cellphone camera
this time I want to share about some rivers and tributaries around Central Aceh, Aceh province

this is a river that is around Central Aceh Aceh province where as we can see here the water is very clear and also the water has its own special features where there is extraordinary fertility that cannot be separated from clear water



the water that flows in this river is water that is in the fresh sea in Central Aceh Regency and this water will flow to several areas that are here for the agricultural needs of the people who are here we can see some of the mountains that are here where This mountain is inseparable from releasing water and where the water that comes out of this mountain spring will all flow in the area through small rivers.



even in the mountains or from weak valleys that have rivers and tributaries, all water will flow to various areas, especially around mountains and even to the sea which is hundreds of km away and all for human needs, especially agriculture and also for water needs for the community.

in addition to the river found here, we can also see very beautiful scenery in Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province





This is all I can share on this happy occasion, I hope all friends like it, don't forget to give criticism and suggestions. Thank you




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Thank you for sharing posts in japansteemit community.Stay consistent to share unique posts.

nice view my dear

thank you very much...of course it's beautiful and comfortable here

Very good picture picture I really like to see the picture you share right

Thank you very much my friend..


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