It's A Quarter To 3 - Japan Quarantine Day 2

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Day 2 of quarantine in a hotel. Officially day 1 though. The government doesn't count the first day. I woke up at 1am with jet lag and found some strange happenings going on around 2am. First, there was a small convoy of 4 sedans across the train tracks in formation that stopped at a building.

A few people got out and went inside, while the 4 drivers plus one got out to have a cigarette. I watched them for about 10 minutes then went to the bathroom. When I came back they were all gone. I wonder who they were and what they were doing?

Shortly there after the inspection cars came out onto the train tracks to do what they do.


I wonder what that job must be like?

Around 4am I decided to start making a list of things I can do to alleviate my boredom.


Sign language! This was something I saw in the new Dune movie on the flight over. Jessica & Paul use sign language to outsmart their captors. How cool I thought because my wife and I are always talking shit in English here, but we're a bit nervous people can understand us. Now if we could just sign, we're pretty much guaranteed no one will know what we are saying.

I started by looking up the sign for "run" as I thought it could be very useful in large crowds, in front of police or while in a bank. Check it out.

I swear the person who came up with that sign wanted the signer to get shot.

The food has definitely kept my spirits up so far. It's super healthy and I can feel I'm already losing weight because my stomach is constantly growling.


Lunch today was this spicy chicken that was delicious. It only needed a beer to wash it down and I would have given it 5 stars. Now i'm looking forward to dinner.

A big problem I have with being in prison, other than being in prison, is my health. These quarantine facilities are very unhealthy. No access to essential daily vitamins, sunshine for vitamin D other than my window and no physical activity. I had to run 20 laps in my room this morning so I could get some cardio. After that I used my bed as a step climber. Finally I used some of my minerals as free weights. This opal weighs about 10lbs.


It's actually got me thinking about doing a quarantine fitness video. Maybe I could finally retire from the proceeds.

Joking aside, it's critical you keep physical while locked up in these rooms otherwise you probably will get sick, then the authorities will say it's COVID and you'll have to stay even longer!

Ok, that's all for today. The 4pm shinkansen is about to go by so I want to close my eyes and imagine it taking me away without any distractions.

Some parting words, your life may be shit, but it can always be worse like mine.

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